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The PGA Championships Have Begun!

14 August 2015

The USA PGA Championships are underway, somewhere in the crowds of world class golfers exists the champion of 2015. At Shoe Insoles, we can’t say who will bear the trophy but we guarantee he’ll be wearing insoles when he does it. And he will be completely justified, because lush green fields aside, this world-class tournament is no walk in the park.

The PGA Championships

Whistling Straits is going to be whistling a bit louder as the world's best golfers descend on its course this week. With the world number 1 going for a win only a month after a troublesome ankle knocked him out of play in the Open, defending Champion Rory McIlroy may have to work some of his golfing magic to claim the win. With world number 2 Jordan Spieth being committed to remedying a “chip on his shoulder” after not being crowned Open Champion even with his closest rival out of the fray, there are sure to be a few tense times ahead. Dustin Johnson, Thomas Bjorn and Britain’s Justin Rose all got off to a favourable start but things have been less savoury with the world's most infamous golfer, Tiger Woods, who has already made the headlines for his profanity rather than his promising performance.

The Course of Victory

This will be the third time Whistling Straits has hosted the PGA Championships. With a total of 36 holes and a 17 year history of catering to keen golfers, the course can expect to see some more great action from the fourth major tournament to ever unfold over its 14,000 meters. 

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The victor can look forward to walking away with a prize packet worth over $1 million, and the coveted Wanamaker Cup, but if he wants to make his name part of golfing history, he’ll first need to fend off a steady flow of competitors, and they’re not to be taken lightly.

To even be considered as a worthy opponent for the championships players must already be a champion. Those who have proven their mettle by already entering the golfing halls of fame will have a PGA Championship invitation extended to them, but the entire selection criteria still operates under an air of mystery, if only one brought on by its own complex nature. Pro golfer Bobby Clampett famously described the process of selecting players for the tournament as “the most complicated system known to man.” Sadly, we’re no more able to demystify the process, but if it still entices the best players in the world to go head to head in the battle for ultimate golfing glory then we’re sure it’s working. 

No Mean Feet

With Gary Woodland and Graham DeLaet already out of play in these early stages, we’re certain that there’s to be as much pleasure as elation just waiting to make itself known as the pressure heightens. In the meantime, if you’ve been inspired to take up the golf clubs yourself, make sure you’re not going to fall at the first hurdle thanks to problem feet. Check out our latest blog post about Golf Insoles to make sure your in the best shape to shape your sporting victory!

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