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Superfeet Blue vs Superfeet Green Insoles

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Choosing the right pair of insoles isn't always as simple as it ought to be. You know that you'd like some extra comfort, support or stability than what your shoes currently provide, but the vast array of insoles and footbeds available can be daunting. At, we've made it our mission to make it as easy as possible to get exactly the results you want from your insoles, so we've had our insole experts break down one of the most common insole questions around: Superfeet Blue or Superfeet Green?

Superfeet green and blue insoles for sports and casual activity
Superfeet Green and Blue Insoles are similar in design, but each is made with slightly different users in mind

Superfeet Blue vs Superfeet Green

Superfeet insoles are one of the most trusted brands around when it comes to boosting the comfort of your shoes, so we're used to our customers narrowing it down to these two choices. Whether recommended by your podiatrist or a friend, both of these are excellent choices, but which is best really depends on how you'll be using them.

To make it as simple as possible: Superfeet Blue are some of the best insoles for running and intense activity, while Superfeet Green are designed to be more versatile and are great as an everyday insole. There's a little more to it if you want to get into the details, which we'll elaborate on below.

Superfeet Green Insoles: The Ideal Everyday Shoe Insole

Superfeet green insoles for comfort and stability in everyday life

Superfeet Green Performance Insoles are one of the world's most popular shoe insoles – and for good reason. These insoles are made with cushioning materials while remaining slim, allowing them to boost the comfort of just about any shoes. Helping to provide a proper gait to align the body while walking, these insoles feature a patented heel cup for stability and shock absorption, making them perfect for everyday use at work, while running errands or anything else.

Made with an odour-control coating and available in a wide version for those of us with wider feet, these supportive insoles are a great all-round option. Here's a quick breakdown of their main benefits:

Benefits of the Superfeet Green Insoles

  • Designed as an all-round option for almost all footwear
  • Help to cushion the heel and align the body while walking
  • Odour-control coating helps keep your shoes fresh
  • Deep heel cup for stability and control
  • Available in a wide version to accommodate wider feet
  • Recommended for arch strain, flat feet, heel pain, back pain and much more

Superfeet Blue Insoles: The Ideal Sports and Running Insole

Superfeet blue insoles for sports and athletic activity

While everyday tasks like working and doing chores put plenty of extended strain on our feet, sports and exercise present a more immediate and high-impact risk. Superfeet Blue Active Insoles are designed to provide similar benefits to the Superfeet Green, but in a version more suited to intense physical activity.

These insoles will help to cushion the impact that running and jumping can have on your feet, making exercise easier on your ankles, knees and back. These insoles feature a similar heel cup to stabilise the foot and cushion the heel, and are made with a slightly thinner and more flexible design that's ideal for fitting into running shoes, football boots and other sporting footwear. Here are some of the key benefits:

Benefits of the Superfeet Blue Insoles

  • Designed for running, sports and physical activity
  • Slim and flexible design to fit athletic footwear
  • Help to absorb the harsh impacts that exercise presents
  • Ideal for preventing knee, ankle and back pain while running
  • The same antimicrobial coating helps prevent odour and bacteria
  • Ideal option for athletes from casual to serious

Enjoy All the Comfort, Whatever the Colour

We can't stress enough that if you've already narrowed down your search to these two pairs of insoles, most of your work is already done. Both of these insoles are some of our favourites for comfort, cushioning and support, and they've both received some great feedback from our customers. We think the Superfeet Blue Insoles edge the Greens in terms of sporting performance, while the Superfeet Green Insoles really can't be beaten as an everyday work or leisure insole. Whatever your choice, you can't go wrong with either of these insoles!

If you'd like to take a look at all of the insoles options that Superfeet have to offer, take a look at our entire range in the Superfeet Brand Section!

Do you have a question, or something to add? Why not let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!

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