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Spenco: Quality Insoles Through Five Decades

9 July 2015

Spenco has always had a history of health. Started back in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, the constantly innovative brand has a wealth of experience and success. Providing top quality products for nearly five decades, Spenco not only make insoles and specially made footwear but advanced sports medicine and first aid products. You can be sure that your feet are in good hands with Spenco, and in the words of the company’s CEO:

“When You Feel Better, Life is Better”

You need only wear Spenco’s insoles to find out how true this is. Featuring Total Support Insole Shape Technology unique to the Spenco range, their insoles and footwear are medically researched, scientifically developed and meticulously crafted.  If an expert eye and dedication to professional foot care is what you expect of your insole, then you can be certain that Spenco are in the ones for you.

Showing What You’re Made Of

Made from technologically advanced materials, from extra cushioning foam to dual density gel, Spenco’s products are so closely affiliated with the medical care of poorly feet. However they are not exclusively for feet in need of gentle care and protection – quite the opposite is true. Spenco‘s Ironman range proves that even the strongest feet can benefit from the science and expertise of Spenco insoles, driving high-endurance feet to give an even higher performance.

See for Yourself

Don't just take our word for Spenco's high levels of quality, why not hear it from the horse's mouth? In the video below, the benefits of Spenco are made clear, allowing you to see the difference that a pair of Spenco Insoles can make!

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