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Sorbothane: Absorbent Insoles for the Competitive Edge

9 July 2015

Here at Shoe Insoles we know that the health and happiness of your feet is invaluable and protecting them is our number one priority when sourcing the best products for you. Turns out great minds must think alike, because Sorbothane agrees and is devoted to making insoles that are all about protecting your feet.

Home Grown Talent

Sorbothane is a proudly British company started all the way back in 1982. Approaching his research with a distinctly British eccentricity, Dr. Maurice Hiles embedded electrical probes into his own legs, allowing him to measure the exact manner in which strike-force affects the lower body and the joints found there. He discovered that even when walking, harmful shockwaves reverberate through the body with each step at a rate as fast as 70mph. These alarming facts helped him create Sorbothane, an advanced shock-absorbing technology that the doctor is happy to demonstrate in the video below.

As you can see, here the material is verified by smashing his hand with a hammer while covered with an inch of Sorbothane material. In his own words, if that doesn’t convince you, we’re not sure what will (and we’re also not entirely sure we want to find out).

Sorbothane took only two years to earn Dr. Hiles the international recognition such a discovery deserved and you may like to know that the same high-performing Sorbothane material used in your insoles has even been used by NASA.

Sorbothane: The Human Touch

Unlike other insoles which aim to create a new form of impact control and shoe comfort, Sorbothane turned to nature for the answer, by mimicking human skin.

With every step, Sorbothane disperses shock waves laterally, bouncing back into shape in time to take the next impact. Repeatedly absorbing these harmful shock waves without compromising performance, Sorbothane is perfect for everyday wear or hard-core sports.

Sorbothane's Performance

At the moment of impact, Sorbothane absorbs 94.7% of vibrations, altering its shape to disperse this shock sideways. Recommended by medical professionals as ideal insoles to relieve pressure and stress on feet, Sorbothane are perfect Cushioning Insoles for daily wear, or serious Shock Stopping Protection for the super active.

First Choice Foot Care

Sorbothane insoles and their technology have carried Artic explorers to victory, helped England’s cricket champions play to their best and kept a space shuttle safe as it blasted to new heights. Can your regular insoles do that?

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