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​Shoe String: Affordable Comfort for All

27 July 2015

The clue’s in the name with Shoe Insoles because we love seeing new styles, hunting out the latest technology and getting to grips with the premium brands. It turns out the solution for our "insoles for all" mentality was right there in front of us, and if you’ve been to any supermarket, chemists or shoe shop lately, no doubt you’ll have seen it too: Shoe String.

Affordable, fashionable and with a plethora of choices to bring comfort to your daily shoe, insoles that work don’t have to cost an arm and a leg with Shoe String.

Insoles on a Shoestring

Shoe String have been specialising in shoe accessories and comfort since 1989 and have been providing the UK with shoelaces, shoe care products and fashionable insoles ever since. Chances are you’ve already been acquainted with a Shoe String product without even knowing it, whether it’s your laces, your shoe polish, your polish brush — even shoe jewellery! If it’s for shoes, Shoe String makes it.

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Their Woly range can trace its history back to Switzerland, where it was the first company in the country to ever manufacture shoe cream, since then they have expanded to ship their shoe care products to over 63 countries. Their insoles offer amazing treats for feet at a price that won't make you balk.

Not Stringing You Along

At such affordable prices, you might think that Shoe String and Woly’s are like any budget brand – good for a week or two until you’re right back where you started. Au contraire! Shoe String’s insoles are built to last; they may not have the boundary-pushing technology of some of our leading sports insoles, but they offer instead a level of daily comfort, flexibility and convenience.  Shoe String makes insoles that everyone can benefit from regardless of age, lifestyle or even your own personal style.

One feature they are especially adept at is making shoes fit properly. We’ve all experienced it at least once, buying a new pair of shoes only to find they don’t fit nearly so well as their size would suggest. While it’s become common practise to relegate them to the back of the wardrobe and hope you one day grow into them, Shoe Strings doesn’t like to see good shoes go to waste. A simple addition of an insole will have them fitting comfortable in no time, and at almost no extra cost.

Besides, sometimes you're not looking for the latest lateral posting technology, or an extra wide medial flange, sometimes you just want your feet to be cosy while you walk to the shops. With insoles including fuzzy fleece, fluffy wool, you’ll be spoilt for choice – although at these prices you can more than afford to treat yourself to the lot.

Put A Cork In It

Forget flimsy insoles and having to fish them out of your shoe at the end of every day. Shoe String’s range includes gel, latex, wool, fleece, memory foam, genuine leather and even cork, so your feet are sure to be feeling at least one of their great options. From cool, fresh ventilated insoles to scented comfort to make your shoes a happy place for feet to be, Shoe String offer the little extra touches you never even knew your feet could need, and which they will most definitely be grateful for!

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