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Most Comfortable Shoe Insoles 2024

1 January 2024

Whether it's hiking up a mountain, dancing at a festival or squeezing into a pair of dress shoes for a wedding, there are many ways that we tend to mistreat our feet. But with the right pair of insoles, you don't have to choose between happy feet and a happy lifestyle.

At ShoeInsoles.co.uk, we want you to continue enjoying all the activities you love, without being bothered by endless strains, aches and pains. A comfy pair of insoles will help you achieve this, so we spent hours researching and pacing about our office to find the Most Comfortable Shoe Insoles.

What Will This Guide Cover?

In this guide, we've chosen eight of the comfiest insoles money can buy, and categorised them for different needs to help you find the pair that's right for you. Use the quick links below to zip straight to what you're looking for.

The Most Comfortable Shoe Insoles Overall

Winner: Diaped Duosoft Plus Insoles

Diaped Duosoft Plus Insoles

Why We Love Them...

Made with soft, ultra-light PORON to distribute weight evenly
 Dual-layer design and Vygel heel provides a shock absorbent base
 Slow rebound material helps cradle the feet for optimal comfort

Perfect For...

 Trainers, smart shoes, casual shoes
 Everyday use, city walking
 Diabetes, arthritis and sensitive feet

Not the Best For...

 High impact activities (See our solution)
 Wearing inside boots (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: When I tested the Diaped Duosoft Plus, I could feel the difference immediately. They feature an upgraded PORON 94 material that provides a soft foam bed for your feet to sink gently into, dispersing weight evenly for an extra comfy feel. These are definitely the insoles I'd pick if I was going for pure comfort.

Our Customer Ray Says: "Been using these insoles for years. There's nothing on the market that's as good."

Best Comfort Insoles for Work Boots

Winner: Superfeet Orange Insoles 

Superfeet Orange Insoles for Men

Why We Love Them...

 Contoured arch support with responsive closed cell foam
 Anatomical heel cup cradles the foot during high impact activities
Organic odour control coating to eliminate bad smells and bacteria

Perfect For...

 Work boots, hiking boots, trainers
 Construction work, hiking
 Medium - high arch support

Not the Best For...

 Wearing with trainers or sports shoes (See our solution)
Wearing insides smart dress shoes (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: If you work in construction, Superfeet Orange are the insoles for you. With a wider surface area to fit inside your work boots, these insoles are engineered for high-impact activities. They feature a shock-absorbent foam forefoot and precisely shaped arch support, which makes them perfect for people who punish their feet.

What Superfeet Experts Say: "Superfeet Orange pairs best with roomy shoes. They feature highly shock-absorbent padding to protect against impacts"

Best Comfort Insoles for Work Shoes

Winner: Superfeet EASYFIT Insoles

Superfeet Men's EASYFIT Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Biomechanical shape cradles the foot to combat foot fatigue
 Slip-resistant ridges designed to anchor the insole to keep it in place
Topped with plush microsuede fabric and comfy cushioning foam 

Perfect For...

Brogues, oxfords, loafers, ballet pumps
 Commuting to work, weddings and special occasions
 Heel pain, arthritis and bursitis

Not the Best For...

 Forefoot pain (See our solution)
 Wearing inside boots (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: I used to have to change into trainers on my way into work because commuting in my smart shoes was simply too unbearable. But since I started using the the EasyFit Insoles, I no longer have to. These narrow insoles fit neatly inside the slimmest-fitting work shoes, making them the extra comfy while walking in to work.

What Superfeet Experts Say: "These insoles are designed to hug the heels and cradle the arches, providing excellent all-day comfort"

A women's version is also available.

Best Comfort Insoles for Heels

Winner: Pro11 Silicone Foot Wedge Arch Supports

OrthoSole Heel Lift Shoe Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Discreet arch supports made with cushioning silicone gel
 Shock absorbent to reduce pain while walking in heels
 Ensures that your feet stay in a correct, comfortable position

Perfect For...

 High heels, platforms, block shoes
 At work, nights out and special occasions
 Flat feet, high, weak or fallen arches

Not the Best For...

 Forefoot pain (See our solution)
 Trainers or walking boots (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Whether for work or a special occasion, wearing heels all day can be a real pain. The Pro11 Arch Supports eliminate high heel arch pain by providing extra support directly underneath the arches to encourage a natural foot position. They are made from a soft silicone material that absorbs impacts when you're on the move.

Our Customer Lynda Says: "These are just what I was after, fitting the arch without making the rest of the shoe feel small"

Best Comfort Insoles for Trainers

Winner: OrthoSole Max Cushion Shoe Insoles

OrthoSole Max Cushion Shoe Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Advanced PORON material conforms to your feet for superior comfort
 Ultra-light EVA foam provides optimal cushioning when on your feet
Customisable pieces help you get the perfect fitted insole

Perfect For...

 Trainers, sneakers, running shoes, work boots, wellingtons
Everyday use, out-and-about, sports use
 Plantar fasciitis, supination, shin splints and more

Not the Best For...

 People on a budget (See our solution)
 Not the best for tight fitting shoes (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Looking for comprehensive foot support that won't ruin your fresh new trainers? The OrthoSole Max Cushion Insoles are perfect for you. These intuitive insoles come with multiple inserts that you can chop and change to get the right support wherever you need it. 

What OrthoSole Experts Say: "The Max Cushion Insoles absorb all the shock so that your feet don't have to."

Most Comfortable Insoles for Walking

Winner: Sorbothane Cush N Step Insoles

Sorbothane Cush N Step Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Padded design prevents shockwaves from travelling up the leg
Spongy foam material provides lasting comfort and performance
 Antibacterial top sheet minimises sweat build-up and odour

Perfect For...

 Trainers, walking boots, casual shoes
Hiking, countryside walks, city walking
 Heel pain, tendonitis, arthritis

Not the Best For...

 Arch support (See our solution)
Slim-fitting shoes (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: Hiking is one of the most relaxing activities there is, unless foot strain starts to get in the way. The Sorbothane Cush N Step Insoles are designed specifically to mitigate the effects of shockwaves produced while walking, so you can journey for longer without any pain. I'll definitely be taking a pair of these on my next hiking trip.

Our Customer Trevor Says: "Fitted my walking boots perfectly and have much improved the comfort and fit"

Best Comfort Insoles for Sports

Winner: Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Inbuilt comfort heel cup delivers dual action shock absorption 
 Viscoelastic material boosts the body's ability to disperse impacts
 COOLMAX ventilated fabric draws moisture away to reduce odour

Perfect For...

 Running shoes, astros, football and rugby boots
 High impact sports such as football, rugby or athletics
 Tendonitis, stress fractures, joint pain, fallen arches

Not the Best For...

 Arch support (See our solution)
 Wearing with office shoes (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Sorbothane Shock Stopper Insoles would definitely be my go-to for playing high impact sports. Made using a special viscoelastic material, these high-performance insoles are built to disperse 94.7% of shockwaves during fast paced activities. They also have built-in arch support to relieve arch pain and fallen arches.

Our Customer Robert Says: "I ordered 2 sets of these insoles for my astro turf training shoes and my squash shoes, and I found them really comfortable in both"

Best Comfort Insoles for Cold Feet

Winner: Pedag Viva Winter Insoles

Pedag Viva Winter Insoles

Why We Love Them...

Three-layer thermal shield offers warmth and comfort for winter
 Super soft wool offers a plush comfortable base for your feet
 Aluminium underside provides support and heat retention

Perfect For...

 Trainers, walking boots, wellingtons
 Winter use, cold environments
 General foot pain, arch support

Not the Best For...

 Wearing in the summer (See our solution)
 Not as long lasting as other insoles (See our solution)

Editor's Verdict: This list wouldn't be complete without something to warm your feet in winter. The Pedag Viva Winter Insoles are the ideal candidates. Made with soft, pure wool these plush insoles provide insulating warmth while boosting forefoot, heel and arch support.

Our Customer Lesley Says: "They keep my feet nice and toasty, and they are comfortable inside my wellingtons"

Don't Mistreat Your Feet

Our feet carry us everywhere, the least we can do is keep them comfy. We hope you've found the perfect pair of insoles for your specific lifestyle, but if your still not quite sure, there are still plenty more to choose from in our full range of Comfort Insoles.

If you've got something to add, please feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively, if you'd like to get in touch, feel free to reach via our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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