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Managing Mortonís Neuroma

Friday, 17 July 2015  |  John

Morton’s Neuroma is where a nerve in your foot expands and rubs against a ligament. It causes a burning pain at the front of the foot. It is thought to be aggravated by wearing too tight shoes however there is no one definitive cause. 

If you are concerned you have Morton’s Neuroma, you should visit a GP to examine your foot. In addition to this, there are things you can do at home that can help with the symptoms of the condition.

Change Your Shoes

Because ill-fitting shoes are a big contributor towards Morton’s Neuroma developing, one of the first things you should do is to find a pair of shoes that fit better. If you frequently wear high-heeled shoes, stop. These are thought to be the biggest reason why Morton’s Neuroma is more common in women than men. 

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When choosing new shoes, you should look for shoes with more room for your toes and a flat heel. This extra room and reduced pressure on the front of the foot can help reduce the strain on the swollen nerve and reduce pain.

Massage and Ice

For some people, massaging the affected area can help reduce the pain by spreading the pressure on the swollen nerve. If the pain is recent, icing the area can also help reduce the pain. As with most injuries, the acronym RICE should be followed and can help:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

These should be followed as a key part of First Aid and if employed once the pain of Morton’s Neuroma starts to flare up for the first time, it can help reduce and manage this pain

Shoe Insoles

A good shoe insole can help greatly with Morton’s Neuroma. One of the ways a shoe insole can help is by supporting the arch of the foot. This helps relieve the pressure on the swollen nerve, reducing the pain. Another way a shoe insole can help deal with Morton’s Neuroma is by more acting as a cushion to your foot. Doing this helps soften the impact walking has. 

A shoe insole can also absorb shocks the foot has to deal with during its day-to-day activities. These knocks and bashes can aggravate Morton’s Neuroma, so by preventing them you can help keep the condition under control.

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If you find your Morton’s Neuroma gets worse despite your best efforts, visit a GP for help and information.

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