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How To Stop Cycling Foot Pain with Sidas Flashfit Bike+ Insoles

7 May 2020

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit and get a clear head, especially while maintaining social distancing. Indeed, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has recommended cycling to achieve the minimum daily requirement for exercise while social distancing. However, you may find that your feet soon start to hurt if you're new to cycling or cycling any great distance. Read on to find out how to stop foot pain while cycling.

Why Do My Feet Hurt When I'm Cycling?

Why Are My Feet Hurting When Cycling?

Why Do My Feet Hurt When I'm Cycling?

Riding a bike requires you to propel the bike forwards. This starts with some force from your legs, all the way down to your feet and through to the bike pedals. Because of this transfer of power, it's not abnormal for cyclists to experience some small amount of pain/numbness or tingling in their forefoot area from time to time. 

Sometimes these sensations become quite painful and frustrating, especially when all you want to is ride! So we've written a blog on how you can relieve your foot symptoms, and how an excellent shoe insole like the Sidas Flashfit Bike+ Insole can stop cycling pain completely.


What Types Of Conditions Affect Cyclists?

  • Bike Blisters and Friction: Blisters are sacks of watery liquid or blood that grow from raised areas of skin. They are caused by repeated friction, rubbing or pressure, and most commonly grow on the backs of your ankles. They can be extremely painful, especially when at the point of bursting!
  • Cycling "Hot Foot": Sometimes cyclists discover that they are experiencing a burning sensation in the ball of their foot. "Hot Foot" is caused by foot swelling which occurs after long hilly, hot rides. This happens due to the compression of the nerves between the heads of each of the foot's five metatarsal bones, which are located at the widest part of the foot.
  • Plantar Fasciitis: Another common problem cyclists can encounter is a condition called plantar fasciitis. This is where repetitive micro-tears, inflammation and strain cause pain on the underside of your foot.

How Can I Stop My Feet Hurting?

There are some quick fix remedies and practices that might treat and prevent some of these conditions.
  • Foot Hygiene: People forget about their feet in the shower or the bath - but sometimes a clean foot is the difference between cracked and blistered skin. A cyclist who washes and dries their feet and toes of flaky dead skin, is a cyclist who will get the most out of their bike rides.
  • Adjust Your Bike: Pretty simply, your bike might not be the right fit for you! You should check that you have your cleats set up correctly. If you suffer from "Hot Foot", moving the cleat back only a few millimetres from this neutral position might alleviate the pressure on your metatarsals. Other foot issues may be down to a leg length problem, so find a fitter who is qualified to make anatomical assessments as part of the fitting process.
  • Cycling Insoles: There is another easy solution to a problem that might seem neverending. A pair of cycling shoe insoles might be that solution. By redistributing pedal pressure over a greater area of the foot, you can prevent "Hot Foot", plantar fasciitis, and blisters on the bottom side of your foot!

The Sidas Flashfit Bike+ Insoles: Insoles To Stop Bike Foot Pain

Based on years of technological development and research, the Sidas Flashfit Bike+ Insoles are designed to compliment cycling shoes whilst aiding both comfort and performance.

Sidas Flashfit Bike Plus InsolesSidas Flashfit Bike Plus Insoles 2

How Do the Sidas Insoles Work?

The Bike+ Insoles provide optimal foot support especially at the front of the foot where pressure from the pedals is greatest. Bike+ Insoles also help keep arches, ankles and knees from rolling inwards and causing discomfort whilst also optimising energy efficiency.

Why Are the Sidas Insoles Appropriate For All Cyclists?

These Sidas Insoles are unisex, so everyone can benefit from the overall comfort that these insoles provide. Those who cycle regularly or competitively will benefit from the support and customisable fit or the Bike+ Insoles. The features of the these insoles helps to reduce foot discomfort, excess pressure caused by pedals and helps to encourage correct natural foot and ankle positioning when pedalling.

How Do the Sidas Flashfit Bike+ Insoles Prevent Blisters and "Hot Foot"?

The Sidas Bike+ Insoles feature a non-slip design to prevent friction and consequent blisters. The light, breathable material means they keep feet cool, dry and comfortable.

How Do the Sidas Flashfit Bike+ Insoles Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

Thanks to the extra support located at the front of the foot, the insoles provide relief from excessive pressure stemming the pedals. But more than this, the Bike+ Insoles will also target the arches, ankles and knees from rolling inwards and causing discomfort,allowing for optimal protection from micro tears in the palmar (underside of foot).

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