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How to Keep Feet Warm in Winter

Wednesday, 22 December 2021  |  Christopher

Who doesn't love that cosy feeling of being wrapped up warm on a cold winter day? Let your feet become ensconced in warmth with our expertly curated selection of winter-proof insoles and heated socks. Learn How to Keep Feet Warm in Winter here at ShoeInsoles.co.uk.

Warm Shoe Insoles for Winter

Are you getting cold feet every time you think about going for a walk? Then we have the perfect selection of shoe insoles and winter accessories for you. The same breathable shoes and insoles that are a blessing during the warmer months can become a bane as the weather starts to get colder, so ensure you have the right footwear to make wintry excursions a delight with the top picks from our exceptional range of winter insoles.

Pedag Keep Warm Insoles

Pedag Keep Warm Insoles - Our Top Pick for Winter WarmthThe Pedag Keep Warm Insoles feature a triple layer of natural, unbleached lambs wool that is fantastic for retaining heat. Underneath, there is a firm layer of cork that provides both additional insulation and excellent support to help to promote a healthy walking gait.

  • Despite being made of wool, these insoles are durable thanks to a supporting layer of cork
  • Capable of withstanding an impressive weight of 600gsm (grams per square metre)
  • Our Top Pick for Winter Warmth – with a triple-layered approach to heat-retention

Superfeet Merino Grey Performance Insoles

Superfeet Merino Grey Performance InsolesThe Superfeet Merino Grey Performance Insoles offer all the comfort and protection of the bestselling Superfeet Green Insoles, now with an added upper layer of soft merino wool. These warm insoles can fit into any daily or sports shoe, and are suitable for all-season use thanks to the moisture wicking that stops your feet from getting sweaty.

  • Supportive shape for comfort combined with heat-retaining merino wool
  • Wick away moisture to ensure warm feet don't become sweaty
  • Our Top Pick for Versatility and Warmth – suitable for all types of footwear 

Therm-IC Heat 3D Heated Insoles

Therm-IC Heat 3D Heated InsolesIf you're looking for insoles that don't just retain heat but actually generate it themselves, then the Therm-IC Heat 3D Heated Insoles will be perfect for you. Integrated heating elements are spread throughout these insoles to provide a gentle and consistent level of warmth and the comfortable EVA foam material is comfortable, supportive and durable.

  • Supportive insoles with a battery-powered heating element for warmth
  • Supply up to 22 hours of warmth for all-day comfort and toasty feet
  • Our Top Pick for Battery Heated Insoles – ideal for use in ski or snow boots

Superfeet Red Hot Insoles

Superfeet Red Hot InsolesThe Superfeet Red Hot Insoles feature anti-friction material that prevents blisters, making them ideal for running, skiing and snowboarding. The thermal foil layer is fantastic for stopping warmth from escaping and the antimicrobial material will keep you feet smelling fresh all day long.

  • Combine Superfeet's supportive shape with temperature regulation 
  • Thermo-foil layers combine to trap warmth, deflect cold and increase airflow
  • Our Top Pick of Winter Sport Insoles – perfect for a wide range of winter sports

Therm-IC Powersock Comfort Heat Socks for Men

Therm-IC Powersock Comfort Heat Socks for MenIf you're looking for ways to keep your feet warm but don't require or desire shoe insoles, the Therm-IC Powersock Comfort Heat Socks for Men are perfect for you. These heated socks feature a detachable battery pack and integrated heating elements throughout the sock that will keep your feet warm from toe to heel. 

  • Detachable battery pack ensures they're comfortable to wear and easy to wash
  • Perfect for use in winter boots thanks to the slimline, anatomical design 
  • Our Pick for Heated Socks Available in Women's Sizes Below

Therm-IC Powersock Comfort Heat Socks for Women

Therm-IC Powersock Comfort Heat Socks for WomenOffering all the same fantastic integrated heating elements of the Therm-IC Powersock Comfort Heat Socks for Men the Therm-IC Powersock Comfort Heat Socks for Women are available in slightly smaller sizes designed to better fit women. The anatomical shape has also been slightly altered to be more suitable for women's feet, helping ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Detachable battery pack ensures they're comfortable to wear and easy to wash
  • Perfect for use in winter boots thanks to the slimline, anatomical design 
  • Our Pick for Heated Socks Available in Men's Sizes Above

Keep Active this Winter with Warm Winter Insoles

Staying active during the colder months can be a challenge, the urge to curl up and hibernate with some festive food can be strong; however it has been shown that maintaining an active lifestyle during the colder months is great for both the mind and body. Stopping your feet from getting cold while you're out and about helps make exercise more enticing, making it easy to improve your health and boost your mood.

You Don't Have to Choose Between Warmth and Support

It's important to bear in mind that while these insoles all provide fantastic warmth, they also provide remarkable support to your feet for a wide variety of different conditions. You no longer have to choose between comfort and warmth, these insoles can do both!

Though the insoles featured above are our top picks, they are merely the tip of the iceberg of the entire range of winter insoles, socks and accessories we have available for purchase. To find the perfect insole for you, you can view our full range of Insoles for Winter and weigh up all of the options we have available.

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