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Heel Pain Relief: How Shoe Insoles Can Help Make Your Heel Feel Better

17 November 2015  |  John

Heel pain is a common and unpleasant thing which many people will have experienced if they’ve spent a long time on their feet. However if your heel pain has started to interfere with your day to day life, it might be time to start looking into some solutions for heel pain.

We here at Shoe Insoles know how important it is that you can spend your time without your feet getting in the way, so we have a wide variety of products which work to help give heel pain relief. 

Correcting The Heel’s Positioning

By correcting the heel’s positioning in the shoe, a shoe insole can ensure that your heel doesn’t land awkwardly or have any undue pressure forced upon it. An ill-positioned heel can cause you to walk incorrectly, which means that more force is placed on it, meaning that your heel has to do more work, wearing it out faster and causing it to become painful.

By cradling the heel, a shoe insole for heel pain helps to reduce the excess strain on the heel, reducing pain and making the heel more comfortable.

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Helping Plantar Fasciitis

The leading root cause of heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis – a condition where the tendon connecting the heel and the toes (the plantar fascia) becomes injured and inflamed. 

By taking the weight off the plantar fascia and absorbing the shocks it would normally take, shoe insoles help to relieve the pain it can cause.  It does this by guiding your foot to walk in the correct manner, using all the relevant muscles and tendons rather than taxing just a few.

Cushioning the Heel

Another way shoe insoles can help to relieve heel pain is by cushioning the heel. This helps to relieve pressure caused by standing for long periods, and also helps to reduce heel strike – the impact your heel takes when you walk or run.

A heavy walking style can cause heel strike to be more pronounced and cause more problems with heel pain. If this is you, a shoe insole can help to reduce the strain on your heel.

Helping Shoes Fit Better

A leading cause of heel pain are ill-fitting shoes, either because they’re the wrong size for you or the wrong shape for your feet. However, because we know how difficult it can be to say goodbye to your favourite pair some of our insoles for heel pain actively help to make your shoes fit better. 

This helps to keep your foot aligned correctly, ensuring that your stride is secure, comfortable and above all, healthy.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some shoe insoles to help with your heel pain, head on over to Shoe Insoles and check out our range of Insoles for Heel Pain.

Pedag Viva Leather Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Pedag Viva Leather Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

  • Pair of high-quality leather insoles for a range of shoes
  • Fantastic for dealing with plantar fasciitis
  • Active carbon filter to reduce odour
  • Lightweight and thin design for great comfort
Tuli's Gaitors 3/4 Length Arch Support Insoles

Tuli's Gaitors 3/4 Length Arch Support Insoles

  • Shock-absorbing 3/4-length arch supports
  • Ideal for heel pain, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • Protects against odours and moisture-related blisters
  • Fits almost any shoe for versatile use
Tuli's Gaitors Full Length Arch Support Insoles

Tuli's Gaitors Full Length Arch Support Insoles

  • Full-length arch supports to reduce pressure on arches
  • Ideal for heel pain, heel spurs or plantar fasciitis
  • Waffle-like shock absorbing structure
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet cool and dry

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