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Heel Pain Cures: What You Can Do To Help With Heel Pain

1 Comment18 November 2015  |  John

We here at Shoe Insoles know that heel pain can soon become more than just a physical pain, difficulty doing even everyday things like walking to the shops can make this little ache become a massive source of frustration. And while there’s no quick fix, there are a few things you can do to put you on the right track when it comes to recovery. 

Your doctor will be able to give you the once over and help you decide the best route to recovery, but as with most general aches and pains, the cure is as simple as a bit of rest and relaxation.


Rest is one of the best things you can do to help with heel pain. This gives the aggravated muscles and tendons the time they need to heal and repair themselves. Aggravating heel pain by continuing to put weight and stress on it will only serve to make the problem worse. So if you think 'pushing through the pain' is a smart move, think again.

Don’t Rest Too Much

On the flipside, too much rest can be a recipe for disaster. Don't force your foot into unnecessary activity, but similarly don't neglect it completely. Leaving your heel alone for too long can cause the tendons to lose flexibility - the more accustomed to inactivity they become, the more you're sure to notice it when you want to get back on your feet. An uncomfortable stiffness, pain when moving or a sensation of weakness can all arise from leaving your foot motionless for too long.

Doing exercises which have been designed to improve the flexibility of your foot can help to relieve heel pain and even improve your general balance and stability. These don't need to be seriously challenging on your or your feet, a few simple stretches, a golf or tennis ball rolled underfoot or even a vigorous rub down can all help provide some pain relief and get the area feeling supple and better poised for recovery.

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Wear Shoe Insoles

A great way to help with heel pain is to wear shoe insoles which have been designed for exactly that. They work in a variety of ways to help reduce the pain your heel feels, not only that, they can help the problems recurring. 

One of the ways shoe insoles help to deal with heel pain is by supporting the heel. This holds the heel in the best possible position, taking excess strain off the heel and giving you a more secure and stable stride as you walk and run. This is particularly good if you also suffer from Supination or Pronation as an improved gait can help fend off a huge range of potential conditions.

Another way shoe insoles help to combat heel pain is to evenly distribute pressure around the foot. Putting more weight on your heel than you should can lead to heel pain, as with any part of the body, you shouldn't overload your feet. This may seem inevitable - they're what bear your body weight after all! - but things like wearing high heels, hard-soled shoes or overly tight shoes can all cause the heel to start to ache under pressure! Shoe insoles even distribute weight around the foot, help to relieve pressure on the heel and make walking more comfortable even through heel pain.

The biggest way shoe insoles can help combat heel pain is to combat plantar fasciitis. This dreaded condition, also known as Jogger's Heel, is the biggest cause of heel pain, a massive 4 out of 5 cases sore heels can cite it as the cause.  Plantar fasciitis is when the length of tissue which runs from your heel to your toes (the plantar fascia) becomes damaged and inflamed, so that what starts as heel pain can quickly end up affecting your whole foot. 

What’s worse is that this band of tissue also acts as your foot’s shock absorber, so whenever you walk it takes the brunt of the impact. Shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis help to act as a shock absorber, talking the strain off the tissue and allowing it to heal. 

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some insoles to help combat heel pain, head on over to Shoe Insoles and check out our range of Insoles for Heel Pain.

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