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Healix: Healing From Heel To Toe

13 July 2015

Shoe Insoles is all about foot support for sore and poorly feet, but we’re also all about making sure healthy feet stay that way. Healix agrees, because its high-performance insoles, while able to stand up to foot conditions like Metatarsalgia or Shin Splints, are a perfect everyday addition to shoes that want to feel as good in the inside as they look on the outside.

A History of Healix

Simply put, Healix have always been about you and your feet, bringing satisfaction and support for express delivery of foot care. Started in 1877 by the two Patterson brothers with a vision for more than the standard wares of a local pharmacy, Healix is part of a wider family of high quality foot care and health care products, Patterson Companies Inc. Their devotion to performance and service had not dwindled in the years since first opening those pharmacy doors.

With products based on a long history of providing quality health care, Patterson continues to honour their past by continuing to offer only the highest level of health, dental and foot products. One of the industry’s largest providers of medical care products, Patterson’s vast portfolio of professional healthcare specialisms means that Healix is not simply based on a knowledge of foot care, but an in depth understanding of health from head to toe.

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Healix-er of Youth

You may think you can’t bust a move as well as you once did, but Healix insoles will ensure that there will always be a spring in your step. Stave off the punishing forces of shock and pressure that can come from spending long hours on your feet and prevent those brand new shoes from making feet feel old by wearing a Healix Insole. With every Healix model boasting the most current technology and design, you can be sure that you’re benefitting from the experience Healix has gained over years of successful practise. Being pain-free and happy all plays a part in pushing back the years, so we think it’s fair to say a Healix insole is more than a foot support, it’s an anti-aging device!

Daily Healing

Daily life can take far more of a strain on your feet, legs and back that you may even realise, Healix Insoles are designed for daily wear, to keep feet happy and healthy as you live your life. So while we here at Shoe Insoles believe there is nothing more important than keeping your feet happy and healthy, we’re sure you’ve got other things to worry about, and thanks to Healix Insoles, you won’t ever have to worry about sore and tired feet again.

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