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GelSmart: Smart Protection for Your Feet

13 July 2015  |  John

GelSmart products are designed to be as soft and as comforting as possible to your feet, while also being discreet and unobtrusive while you are wearing them. Rather than full insoles, GelSmart foot care products are small; pads and toe protectors designed to target exactly where you need them with pinpoint accuracy. They utilise custom-made gels which are designed to go above and beyond what ordinary gel-based products do.

M-Gel Technology

Many GelSmart products use M-Gel technology, which is more advanced than the gel used in traditional gel-based products. Alongside providing the comfort and reduction in pressure you’d expect a gel-based product to give, M-Gel helps to stop the skin under the gel pad drying out. 

This is thanks to the medical grade mineral oil and vitamins M-Gel releases onto the skin. This both helps keep the skin smooth and straighter and acts as a moisturiser to relax the area under the gel.

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The Right Vitamins

The vitamins M-Gel releases are chosen to ensure that the skin underneath stays as healthy as possible. Vitamin E prevents the skin from drying out by reducing the destructive actions of free radicals in cells and cell membranes, keeping the cells as stable as possible.

Vitamin F forte is also released. This vitamin boosts the skin’s natural growth and maintenance by helping to prevent moisture loss and revitalise older skin.

The Right Minerals

In addition to the vitamins released by M-Gel, its minerals help to protect and sooth the skin. Sea Butter protects against the environment and moisturises the skin. It even helps the skin keep an even tone, so there won’t be an unsightly dot of different coloured skin where the pad was once you remove it.

The Aloe Vera in M-Gel is perfect for cracked or damaged skin. If you are trying to protect against adding pressure to a point on your feet that is likely to have some damaged skin, such as a bunion, the Aloe Vera can really make the difference. Alongside soothing the damaged skin, it also helps boost the healing of cuts and wounds.

Carefully Created

M-Gel was made with the express purpose of keeping your skin safe, so it’s important that it is safe for you to use. To that end, M-Gel was dermatologically tested so that it is safe on skin as possible, and to ensure that there are no unfortunate side effects it is also hypoallergenic. 

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