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Formthotics: Precision Engineered Insoles

10 July 2015  |  John

A company that broke the mould in shoe insole manufacturing, Formthotics has a storied history.

Formthotics was started 30 years ago by Dr Charlie Baycroft, a doctor specialising in sports medicine, and David Boyd, a former professional skier. The two bonded over their use of thermo-plastic foam in shoe insoles and decided to create a company to provide high-end orthotics.

Some of Formthotics’ first customers were the New Zealand ski team, and it’s easy to see why. Formthotics provide insoles that are of the highest calibre, specially designed to match the natural contours of your feet to provide excellent support and cushioning.

Form to Your Feet

Because of the way the Formthotics insoles are manufactured, they can be Thermoformed (heat moulded) to your feet after purchase. This allows you to custom tailor your insole to provide as much comfort and protection as possible.

Thanks to the unique foam used, the Formthotics insoles can be moulded at a relatively low temperature, while the EVA foam used by most other manufacturers cannot be moulded properly. This makes moulding less of a hassle and a far quicker procedure. Thanks to the unique foam used by Formthotics, the insole will hold its new shape for longer without becoming misshapen or deformed.

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Custom Technology

The foam used by Formthotics in their shoe insoles is unique — each Formthotics insole uses two layers of different, specially made and designed foam for maximum comfort and support.

The top layer is made from ShockStop, a proprietary EVA polymer that delivers more than twice the shock absorption of other materials. This reduces the impact and pressure on muscles and tendons, making it easier to recover from injury or to just go about your day with comfortable feet.

The bottom layer is made from Formax, a proprietary polyethylene foam. Firmer than EVA, it is waterproof, fungus-resistant and hypo-allergenic, to provide a clean and secure base for the insole.

Milled, Not Moulded

Unlike most insoles, each layer of Formthotics insoles is milled from a single piece of foam. This means the texture and density is consistent throughout the entire insole whereas with compression or injection moulded insoles, there can be thin or compressed areas. This milling process helps to ensure that your Formthotics insert avoids thinner areas in its construction.

Beat Odour and Bacteria

Every Formthotics insole contains Ultra-Fresh, a technology that reduces bacteria and fungus growth. Thanks to this, the Formthotics insoles don’t stain as much and are less prone to unpleasant odours and moisture in your shoes.

As well as keeping the smell of your feet more tolerable, Ultra-Fresh technology helps cut down on the risk of conditions like athlete’s foot from developing and spreading.

All Shapes and Sizes

Formthotics insoles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to suit your activity and needs. The different shapes and sizes of the insoles can suit what shoe you’re using and what you’re using them for. By listening to the feedback from professional athletes and sportspeople, each Formthotics insole has had the best possible design work put into it.

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