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Best Thin Insoles 2024

6 January 2024  |  Tania

If your feet are uncomfortable and sore, or if you keep sustaining repetitive injuries to the foot, ankle and knees, there's a good chance that you need some shoe insoles. Insoles can provide a major boost to your comfort, and many are designed to combat serious foot conditions. Thin insoles are great for tighter-fitting footwear, as they provide comfort, support and relief, while also remaining discreet without affecting the fit of your shoes.

Thin and flat insoles are perfect for all sorts of tight footwear from football boots to fashionable shoes and high heels. We've created this list of our Best Thin Insoles 2024 to help you find a pair to suit your needs, and provide comfort and support while also being subtle, discreet and unnoticeable.

What's Covered In This Guide?

Find our best thin insoles to suit your needs with these useful sections:

Best Thin Insoles for Trainers

Our Winner: Superfeet Blue Active Insoles

Our Verdict: If you're looking for the industry leading biomechanical support of Superfeet insoles to fit a tighter shoe, look no further than the Superfeet Blue Active Insoles. These are Superfeet's most versatile and easy-fitting insoles, making them ideal for providing support during sports in football boots or other tight sports footwear.

Superfeet Blue Active Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Thin easy fitting insoles for trainers or other sports shoes
Biomechanical design helps prevent supination and/or pronation
 Helps absorb the harsh impacts that exercise presents
 Distributes weight to reduce stress on plantar fascia to alleviate pain

Customer Verdict: "I've tried various insoles after an ankle tendon injury and these are the best for far. I wear them in old trainers round the house to give support and so far I'm very pleased with them and will probably get a second pair soon." ★★★★★ Jenny

Expert Verdict from Superfeet: "[Superfeet] Blue is a medium profile insole with long-lasting support packed into a thinner and more versatile shape. The stabiliser cap provides structure and support while the heel cup and high-density foam layer work together to naturally absorb impact, cushion, and support the foot. This is also a great option for anyone looking for a high-performance insole in a sleeker fit for tighter-fitting shoes or shoes without removable insoles"

Best Thin Insoles for Sweaty Feet

Our Winner: Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles

Our Verdict: Made from 100% natural cedar wood, the Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles combat odour and athlete's foot while using their super thin fit to ensure comfort in tighter shoes. Built to absorb moisture, these insoles are perfect for extended use, especially as their flexible and 1.3mm thick design continues to provide versatility throughout the day. This makes them ideal for dancing, sports and all day use, promising to keep you happy.

Zaderna Original Natural Cedarsoles

Why We Love Them...

 Ultra thin 1.3mm insoles made of 100% cedar wood for sweaty feet
 Thin and flexible for most shoes, with or without socks
 Absorbs sweat, prevents bad odours, and fungus
 Deodorises feet to produce subtle fresh cedar scent

Customer Verdict: "With my job, I am on my feet most of the day... I would always find that during the course of the day my shoes would slip as I walked due to getting hot and sweaty . Since using Cedarsoles this has not happened at all . I was a little concerned at how thin they were as I thought they wouldn't provide much comfort but I was wrong , they are really comfy." ★★★★★ Julie

Expert Verdict from Zederna: "When you step into a pair of Cedar Soles, the cedar wood cotton mix efficiently absorbs and contains any excess moisture, leaving your feet, socks and shoes dry and comfortable. When you take your shoes off, the cedar wood naturally releases this moisture into the air. Meanwhile, natural chemicals in cedar wood keep bacteria from forming. As a result, your feet and shoes stay fresh and fragrant."

Best Thin Insoles for High Heels

Our Winner: Pedag Lady Metatarsal Support Insoles

Our Verdict: Wearing insoles with heels and fashion shoes can be difficult, as more often than not, the insoles don't fit the heel, they don't look good, and they can cause more discomfort than support. Thankfully there is help, and it comes in the form of the Pedag Lady Metatarsal Support Insoles, which feature a slender shape and a soft latex foam pad to cushion the forefoot without extra bulk. 

Pedag Lady Metatarsal Support Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Light and thin insoles support feet whilst wearing high heels
 Soft latex ball of foot support
 Supports the ball of the foot (forefoot) to prevent and alleviate pain
 3/4 design with toe free design for discreet use with open toe shoes

Customer Verdict: "Got the insoles for my dance shoes. So pleased made such a different very comfortable. Will be ordering more." ★★★★★ Judy

Expert Verdict from Euroleathers: "When wearing high heels, roughly 75% of your weight is supported by the forefoot; this can lead to fallen arches and splayfoot. [The] Pedag Lady cushions and supports the ball of the foot, preventing and alleviating the symptoms of splayfoot."

Best Thin Insoles for Supination and Pronation

Our Winner: Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Insoles

Our Verdict: Featuring a secure heel comfort system and a micro thin platform with a medial posting to prevent excess supination and pronation, the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Insoles offer medical-grade control for heel rolling and arch lowering. They lower pain in the ankle, knee and lower back while increasing comfort from the heel to the toe.

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Micro thin, mildly angled heel platform for ultimate support
 Suitable to fit most shoes and with double layer cushioning
 Deep heel cradle provides medical grade control of excess supination and pronation
 Reduces pain in the arch, ankle, knee and lower back

Customer Verdict: "Purchased these for my walking boots as my over pronation in my right foot is getting worse and exacerbating the osteoarthritis in my knees. First walk, excellent level of comfort and discernible difference to gait. 2nd walk in more challenging conditions. Even better , foot comfort superb and less pain in my knees." ★★★★★ Helen

Expert Verdict from PowerStep: "The PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx Support full length insoles feature the signature PowerStep arch shape but with a firmer shell and angled heel platform for greater correction and arch support... with built-in neutral arch support and two layers of plush cushioning [they] are the perfect balance of comfort and support."

Best Thin 3/4 Insoles for Shoes (All Footwear)

Our Winner: Pedag Viva Mini Insoles

Our Verdict: One of the best solutions to foot pain in tight footwear is a pair of three-quarter length insoles, as the smaller profile fills up less of the shoes to keep them comfortable. The Pedag Viva Mini Insoles offer excellent arch support and heel pain relief, while leaving the front of the foot unencumbered for tight shoes and open-toed footwear. These insoles are also made with temperature-regulating leather, keeping you comfortable in all seasons.

Pedag Viva Mini Insoles

Why We Love Them...

 Light and thin 3/4 insole fills up less of shoe
 Suitable to fit tight shoes and open-toed footwear
 Combats plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, weak arches, pronation and more
 Fine, temperature regulating leather for superior comfort

Customer Verdict: "I purchased this item as I need to use insoles to counter my flat feet in all footwear. Fit is perfect, and the insoles do not take up lots of space in the shoes." ★★★★★ Olive

Expert Verdict from Euroleathers: "[The] pedag Viva Mini promotes the natural movement of the foot with an integrated longitudinal arch support, metatarsal pad and shock-absorbing heel cushion. Helps to relieve and prevent pain, and keep feet healthy. Adapts to the foot-shape of the wearer [and] suitable for slim-fitting shoes, peep toes and sandals."

Don't Compromise Comfort for Versatility

You don't have to compromise comfort for versatility, as our wide range of Thin Insoles demonstrates. Thin insoles can be found for trainers, casual shoes and even high heels, providing comfort, protection, support, discretion and versatility. If you haven't found the insoles that you are looking for, feel free to browse our entire range of Thin Insoles!

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