Best Insoles To Keep Your Feet Happy on Holidays

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

As soon as the mercury starts to rise, our minds seem to immediately wander off to our next dream vacation. Whether you love to relax in a tropical paradise, explore cultures around the world or have fun in the wild, your feet are not used to the sudden change in pace. And while your mind will receive the rest it needs, your feel are bound to end the journey more tired than they were when you were first starting out.

Healthy Feet

While everyone's favourite holiday destination differs, they all lead to the same common foot problems: blisters, calluses, arch, heel or ankle pain. To help you plan ahead and battle the most common foot conditions, we've put together this list of suggestions for some of the best foot products out there.

Battle Those Blisters

No matter how good or broken-in your holiday shoes are, for some reason everyone tends to blister when spending an unusual amount of time on their feet. Below are some of the best products that can help you stop blisters from ruining yet another summer break.

Sidas Gel Plantar Protectors

Sidas Gel Plantar ProtectorsWhen it comes to picking the right protection against blisters, it all depends on where you tend to blister the most. These Sidas Gel Plantar Protectors act as a shock absorber for your feet, actively helping you to prevent inflammation, burns and blisters from developing on the balls of the feet.

Key Features: Protect the balls of the feet, washable and reusable

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream

Sidas Anti-Friction CreamFriction is the main cause of blisters. The Sidas Anti-Friction Cream forms a protective layer between your skin and your socks or shoes, preventing blisters from forming. Moreover, the cream also moisturises and revitalises skin, as the protective film helps to make your skin more elastic.

Key Features: Shields your entire foot, moisturises and revitalises skin




Pedag Stop Suede Heel Grips

Pedag Stop Suede Heel GripsWhile the Sidas Gel Plantar Protectors protect the balls of your feet, the Pedag Stop Suede Heel Grips protect your heels. When you wear shoes over a period of time, they can begin to widen and this can cause the heel to repeatedly slip out of the back of the shoe, causing blisters. These Heel Grips work by preventing the heel from slipping, minimising the chance of blisters caused by friction from occurring.

Key Features: Protect the heels, made from a soft suede leather

Stop Calluses from Forming

In a way similar to blisters, calluses are caused by pressure or friction that results in thickening of the skin. If you plan to spend most of your holiday on your feet, it's best to come prepared.

Pro11 Gel Metatarsal Pad

Pro11 Gel Metatarsal PadThe front of the foot is more prone to developing calluses than the heel, and metatarsal pads are a great solution that protects the metatarsals from impact. The Pro11 Gel Metatarsal Pad remains in place by encircling the second toe. It absorbs shock, reduces pressure on the metatarsal head, and protects the ball of the foot from injury.

Key Features: Protects metatarsals from calluses, suitable for use with most closed shoe styles

Pedag Feel Good Gel Cushions

Pedag Feel Good Gel CushionsIf you tend to spend most of your vacation in high heels, the Pedag Feel Good Gel Cushions might be a better solution to your problem. These anatomically shaped pads have been specifically developed for stressed forefeet and can easily be worn with narrow footwear, including high heels. Like the metatarsal pad mentioned above, they offer outstanding cushioning of the ball of the foot, but they also come with additional lateral padded wings that protect and cushion the delicate joints of the toes.

Key Features: Suitable for high heels and narrow shoes, cushion metatarsals and toes


Walk Comfortably

When planning a city break, we often forget that the amount of time we'll spend walking around is often close to a shorter hike, and choose to bring shoes that look good, instead of coming prepared with a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Shoe insoles allow you to get the best of both worlds, turning your favourite pair of holiday shoes into a sensible choice for long and tiresome city walks.

Pro11 Massaging Gel Insoles for Walking, Hiking and Running

Pro11 Massaging Gel Insoles for Walking, Hiking and RunningAs the name suggests, the Pro11 Massaging Gel Insoles are ideal if you'll be spending a lot of your time walking or hiking. Made from high-grade silica gel – a soft and breathable material – these insoles provide cushioning for enhanced comfort and allow air to circulate for drier feet and reduced foot odour. 

Key Features: Specially designed for walking, cushion entire foot, breathable material reduces odour

Pro11 Shock-Absorbent Massaging Gel Walking Insoles

Pro11 Shock-Absorbent Massaging Gel Walking InsolesThe Shock-Absorbent Massaging Gel Walking Insoles improve the fit of your shoes for enhanced comfort. They feature a rough dot pattern that provides your feet with a gentle massage and a pleasant sensation under-foot. Moreover, they are perfectly breathable, which helps to reduce moisture for drier feet and shoes, helping to reduce foot odour.

Key Features: Enhanced fit and comfort, reduce pressure on your feet when standing, reduce foot odour

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  • Helps prevent blisters and inflammation on the balls of feet
  • Absorbs impacts to reduce pain from existing injuries
  • Anatomical design for left and right feet provides a better fit
  • Made from washable and reusable silicone for a longer life

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream£3.74  -  £10.47

  • Protects skin from rubbing to protect against blisters
  • Moisturises for greater skin elasticity
  • Made using natural ingredients for healthier use
  • Available in 75ml or 15ml tubes – great for portable use

  • Keeps the heel in place
  • Prevents blisters
  • Soft suede leather
  • Suited for narrow heels

  • Comfortable and discreet gel metatarsal pad
  • Shields against impact and redistributes pressure
  • Reduces pain and fatigue in the ball of the foot
  • Suitable for use with most closed shoe styles

  • Gel pad with integrated metatarsal support
  • Padded wings to cushion the toes
  • Ideal for high heeled shoes
  • Reusable & washable for lasting quality and adhesion

  • Comfort insoles made from high-grade silica gel
  • Breathable, for reduced moisture and odour
  • Massaging dots help to alleviate existing pain
  • Can be trimmed to size for a superior fit

  • High-grade silica gel insoles for everyday use
  • Absorb shock and reduce pressure on feet
  • Rough dot pattern provides a gentle massage
  • Designed to be trimmed for a superior fit

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