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Best Insoles for Winter 2024

1 January 2024  |  Eugene

As the seasons change, so does our clothing, so why shouldn't this rule apply to our shoe insoles as well? Insoles that provide you with support and breathability in the warmer months can contribute to plenty of heat loss in your feet, making it nearly impossible to stay warm outdoors in the cold.

Best Insoles for Winter

This is where our insoles for winter come in, specially developed with extra-thick materials, thermal lining or active heating elements. These insoles are the ultimate tool for achieving that most simple yet satisfying of pleasures: toasty warm feet on a cold winter's day. Many of these insoles are suitable for use with winter sportswear such as ski or snowboard boots as well, making them a perfect addition to your next ski holiday or hike. Our insole experts have divided their choice into some useful sections:

Best Overall Thermal Insoles for Winter

Our Winner: Pedag Viva Winter Insoles

Pedag Viva Winter Insoles - Our Top Pick for Winter WarmthThe Pedag Viva Winter Insoles feature a woollen upper layer, relying on natural materials to provide great comfort and warmth. In addition to this, these winter insoles also feature an underside made of special aluminium foil which works to shield the feet from the cold ground.

Wool top layer with an aluminium foil base for warmth and heat-retention
Intermediate layer of closed air cells works to insulate the foot
Our Top Pick for Winter Warmth with a three-layer approach to heat-retention 

Best Heated Insoles for Skiing and Hikes

Our Winner: Therm-IC Heat 3D Heated Insoles

Therm-IC Heat Flat Heated InsolesOn the coldest of winter days, you'll probably need more than just heat-retention from your insoles. The Therm-IC Heat 3D Heated Insoles are an ideal solution, as they include built-in heating elements to warm your feet to the ideal temperature. They can be paired with Therm-IC C-Pack Battery Packs for up to 22 hours of heat!

Supportive insoles with a battery-powered heating element for warmth
 Supply 22 hours of warmth for all-day comfort and toasty feet
Our Best Heated Insoles ideal for use in ski or snow boots 

Best Cosy Wool Winter Insoles

Our Winner: Pedag Pascha Lambskin Winter Wool Insoles

Pedag Pascha Lambskin Winter Wool InsolesPerfect for keeping your feet warm in a pair of boots or even slippers, the Pedag Pascha Lambskin Winter Wool Insoles are made to provide a luxurious warm feeling that lasts as long as you wear them. Combining the natural insulation of cork with an extra-thick layer of fluffy lambskin wool, these insoles make it a pleasure to put your feet in your shoes in the winter months.

Extra-thick top layer of lambskin wool provides a luxurious feel
Base layer of natural cork helps to insulate while cushioning the foot
Our Best Wool Insoles for Slippers 

Best Footwarmer for Cold Days

Our Winner: Beurer FW20 Cosy Taupe Electric Footwarmer

Beurer FW20 Cosy Taupe Electric Foot WarmerInsoles are great for retaining body heat, but sometimes you need a quick burst of heat to get your feet up to a comfortable level. The Beurer FW20 Cosy Taupe Electric Footwarmer combines the luxurious feeling of soft fleece with a powerful heating element, warming your feet for a truly pampering experience.

 The best way to pamper yourself while lounging around the home or work
 Three temperature settings ensure you can stay cosy in any season
Our Best Footwarmer for instant warmth whenever needed 

Best Thin Thermal Insoles for Cold Weather

Our Winner: Pedag Merino Full Insoles

Woly Exquisit Lambswool InsolesThe last on our list are the Pedag Merino Full Insoles, which are included in our list because they intelligently regulate your shoe temperature, helping you to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are made using soft angora which encourages comfort with its cushioning composition. Finally, the Merino wool that lines the angora means that walking will be a far more comfortable process.

Our fluffiest and most luxurious-feeling pair of insoles for winter
Ideal for use in winter boots, or as a replacement for boots with worn fluffy lining
Our Best Value Winter Insoles at an extremely affordable price for quality

Keep Your Feet Cosy with Winter Insoles

Keeping your feet warm with winter insoles is not only a great pleasure, it can also make taking part in winter sports like skiing far more enjoyable. While we're focusing on the warming aspects of these insoles, it's important to remember that supportive insoles like the Superfeet or Pedag choices are also designed to provide plenty of support, helping you battle arch pain, foot fatigue and general aches and pains. 

Though the insoles featured above are our top picks, they represent merely a sneak peek of the entire range of winter insoles, socks and accessories we have available for purchase. To find the perfect insole for you, you can view our full range of Insoles for Winter and weigh up all of the options we have available.

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