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Best Balance Insoles

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Most of us think of balance as something that comes naturally to the majority of people, but your feet may not be as balanced as you'd expect. With the footbeds and standard insoles that come with most types of footwear, your feet will actually have to compensate for imperfections and a lack of support, leading to tiny changes in your gait that can lead to a range of problems, from joint pain to fatigue to soreness. Luckily, these problems with balance can often be solved by the introduction of some new shoe insoles that correctly support your feet and stabilise your stride.

How Can Insoles Help You Balance?

While more impressive acts of balance like walking a tightrope may require hours of practice to perfect, gaining a slight boost to your balance can be achieved with the simple addition of the right insoles to your shoes. This balancing effect is due to the support insoles can provide, stabilising your heels, arches and forefeet to eliminate the corrections you need to make for a well-balanced stride. Whether you're looking to improve your balance to help eliminate pain or fatigue, or you're looking to boost your athletic performance, insoles for balance are an easy and effective remedy.

At, we're experts on all things insoles, and have hand-picked some of our favourite balance insoles to help improve your stability. Read on the learn about the Best Balance Insoles, and hopefully you'll come across the perfect option for you.

Granger's G40 Stability+ Insoles

Granger's G40 Stability+ Insoles

We'll start off our list with a pair of insoles that is primarily designed to improve your stability with even pressure throughout the foot. Granger's G40 Stability+ Insoles are made of EVA foam: a material that is designed to conform to the shape of your foot to produce customised support, every time.

Providing excellent support to your arches, these insoles feature a full-length EVA cradle to provide excellent stability and shock absorption along the entirety of the sole. Breathable and comfortable, the G40s include integrated gel pockets to provide sustained cushioning, keeping you comfortable for as long as you need them to.

Key Feature: Conform to your foot for customised support and improved balance.

Footactive Workmate Insoles

Footactive Workmate Insoles

Those who are on their feet all day long require extra support, as they are the ones that are often most susceptible to the problems that associated instability and a lack of balance. The Footactive Workmate Insoles combine stability, balance and cushioning, making them ideal for anyone walking or standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

Gel heel and forefoot pads help to absorb the constant shocks that your feet will experience throughout the day, while a built-in metatarsal raise provides close support to your arches to prevent rollover. A stabilising heel cup is also included, helping to improve balance to take pressure off the knees, hips and lower back.

Key Feature: Provide cushioning and stability for those on their feet all day.

Sidas 3D Stability Insoles

Siadas 3D Stability InsolesOne of the most important things to improve when trying to boost balance is the natural gait, a problem which these insoles tackle head-on. The Sidas 3D Stability Insoles seek to align the motion of the heels and arches, helping to guide the feet towards a natural walking pattern in order to reduce pain and improve walking efficiency.

Slightly stiffer than some other insoles, the Sidas 3D Stability Insoles can help to improve foot pain, arch pain and general tiredness, while also helping to reduce rolled ankles. Highly structured and supportive, these insoles cushion the foot to disperse painful pressure, and will guide the foot to the correct position to greatly improve balance and feeling of stability.

Key Feature: Help guide the feet for a more natural walking pattern.

Tarrago Outdoor Running Insoles

Tarrago Outdoor Running InsolesFor those interested in improving balance to boost sporting performance, slightly different features are needed to maximise benefit. The Tarrago Outdoor Running Insoles are specially designed to improve balance while running, and are particularly useful for those running on hard surfaces. 

These insoles allow you to run with confidence, absorbing harsh shocks and improving gait and body posture, meaning more powerful running with less effort. Reducing fatigue, preventing fatigue and minimising injury risk, these insoles improve propulsion of the metatarsal, all while keeping your feet comfortable, dry and well-balanced.

Key Feature: Provide cushioning and balance for exercise. 

LP Heelcare Cushion Cups

LP Heelcare Cushion CupsIf you find that most of your problems with balance and stability emanate from the heels, you may require heel cups rather than an entire insole. The LP Heelcare Cushion Cups are designed with both cushioning and balance in mind, consolidating the fatty pad of the heel for improved comfort and a healthier gait.

These heel cups feature a soft centre pad, bearing the majority of the impact force with each step. They help to regulate the natural weight distribution of the feet to reduce pain, while helping you to control the motion of your feet to improve balance and reduce risks of injury or ankle turnover.

Key Feature: Cushion and stabilise the heel to reduce impact and boost balance.

Improve Your Balance Today

All of these insoles can help you to improve your balance by simply upgrading the standard insoles in your shoe, providing an excellent way to become more stable in seconds. Whether you're looking for increased foot control, more support or better cushioning, the insoles on our list can do the trick. If you're still undecided, feel free to visit us at today to view our entire range of insoles and heel cups to improve your balance.

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