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Aetrex: Healthy Feet for a Healthy Life

11 November 2015

It’s hard to maintain a “get-up-and-go” attitude when we know the result will be tired and painful feet. Where’s the motivation when it will end in discomfort? What’s the point? Surely it is easier to put our feet up and take the strain off them?

Not according to those at Aetrex. Their products are designed to encourage healthy feet and shoes, offering comfort and support through their insoles to minimise the pain of being on your feet all day.

So no more sitting back and relaxing, it’s time to get back on your feet!

Who Are Aetrex?

Aetrex were founded back in 1946 and have grown since then. In fact, they have grown so much they are now considered one of the leading manufactures in the footwear industry and globally recognised for the comfort their insoles provide. There is no room for complaints about sore feet around them!

Aetrex began by focusing on the medical side of things when it comes to the feet, specialising particularly in arch-support. It was all about promoting healthy feet and, by extension, a healthy lifestyle.

While they still focus on encouraging an active and healthy life-style, they have since branched out to use the latest technology to provide not only comfortable insoles, but fashionable ones as well.

Their products are known for the customisation and adjustability offered. Finding a comfortable insole is hard when you can’t find one that suits your needs. Aetrex are determined to prevent this from being a problem.

So whether you are wearing heels or flats, sports shoes or boots, Aetrex are leaving you with no excuses to not put them on.

Lynco – The Range Everyone is Talking About

Aetrex’s Lynco range has become big. Very big. So big, in fact, it is now deemed the number one product recommended by professionals in the industry when it comes to comfort. They are popular because the support offered rivals customised insoles, but the price rivals… well, over the counter insoles. It’s the best of both worlds.

Lynco is a vast range full of different options. You can chose metatarsal support or opt for one more suited for correcting over-pronation. You can select a casual insole or decide to embrace the activeness and go for a sports one.

You’re beginning to get the idea – Lynco has a product that will suit any need. It’s hardly surprising they have reached the top of their class for comfort and support.

Millions of people can’t be wrong. Aetrex are doing something right with their Lynco range due to the reputation now surrounding them. The ability to suit your foot-type, size and needs makes it easy to find the right type of insole for you.

To find out more visit Shoe Insoles and our full range of Aetrex Insoles.

Aetrex Lynco Casual L600 Neutral Orthotics

Aetrex Lynco Casual L600 Neutral Orthotics

  • Orthotics providing comfort and protection for casual footwear
  • Lightweight insoles with tri-density advanced technology
  • Recommended for those with medium or high arch feet
  • Contains innovative antibacterial, anti-odour technology
In stock now  In stock now

Aetrex Lynco Mozaic Customisable L2420 Neutral Orthotics

Aetrex Lynco Mozaic Customisable L2420 Neutral Orthotics

  • Recommended for flat or low arch feet
  • Orthotics providing unparalleled comfort and performance
  • Advanced antibacterial, anti-fungal CopperGuard technology
  • Contains customisable Mozaic technology for additional comfort
In stock now  In stock now

Aetrex Lynco Sports L420 Neutral Orthotics

Aetrex Lynco Sports L420 Neutral Orthotics

  • Orthotics for use specifically with athletic or sports footwear
  • State-of-the-art tri-density system with Pro-Shox and AeroCells
  • Recommended for those with flat or low arched feet
  • Absorbs moisture to prevent blisters and keep feet cool
In stock now  In stock now

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