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1000 Mile

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  • Offers arch bracing and HeelPower for a secure fit
  • Double-layer design offers blister protection
  • Features Tactel technology that keeps feet cool
  • Well suited to joggers, cyclists and other sports players

  • Superb at providing support when on off-road terrain
  • Uses Merino wool and Tactel fibres to promote breathability
  • Lightweight design perfect for running and mountain climbing
  • Uses HeelPower to ensure a secure fit

  • Help relieve stiff, weak and sore ankles
  • Suitable for use with Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis
  • Designed to assist in rehabilitation while playing sports
  • Uses Tactel fabric to provide moisture management

  • Suitable for use with lightweight boots or as a sock liner in heavyweight boots
  • Reduce the chances of blisters developing over extended use
  • Use Tactel technology that offers high breathability during use
  • Temperature control prevents feet from overheating when used

  • Copper technology prevents spread of fungus and bacteria
  • Well suited to sportspeople who want to prevent foot odour
  • Padded protection in key areas ideal for intense sports
  • Arch bracing ensures a secure fit

  • Double-layer design ensures comfort and reduces blister risk
  • Uses moisture-wicking Tactel to reduce sweat build-up
  • Air flow channels and top venting keep feet cool
  • Well suited to long-distance terrain changing conditions

  • Features ventilation for breathability
  • Padded zones protect vulnerable areas
  • Suitable for runners, cyclists and other sportspeople
  • Ideal for users who prefer a shorter sock

  • Features top venting to keep feet cool
  • Dual-layer design prevents blisters
  • Highly comfortable design perfect for extended use
  • Well suited to athletes who want to prevent sore feet

  • Protects the heel, toe, ankle and ball of the foot with padding
  • Fitted with a flat toe seam that prevents blisters
  • Well suited to users who suffer pain from walking
  • Features the extremely soft Merino wool that regulates temperature

  • Fitted with a padded heel and toe for protection
  • Well suited for keeping feet cool in hot conditions
  • Coolmax fabric prevents moisture from forming
  • Prevents sore and aching feet over extended walking

  • Thick Merino wool offers exceptional protection against the cold
  • Moisture-wicking technology prevents feet from overheating
  • Padded zones protect heel, toe, ankle and the ball of the foot
  • Features arch bracing that provides support to weak areas

  • Padding protects toes, ball of the foot, heel and Achilles
  • Special ventilation prevents foot from overheating
  • Arch support ensures a tight but comfortable fit
  • Suitable across sports ranging from gym work, to cycling to running

1000 Mile Classic Liner Socks

1000 Mile Classic Liner Socks£7.95  (1)

  • Suitable for use with thick boots or summer trainers
  • Dual layer reduces chances of blisters developing
  • Features a cotton and nylon liner that offers breathability
  • Provides a fitted heel that ensures a secure fit

  • Features full Achilles padding for protection
  • Offers padded toes, ball of the foot and heel
  • Ensures comfort and reduces chance of blisters
  • Suitable for many sports including running and tennis

  • Features a dual liner that combines comfort with protection
  • Fitted with Tactel technology that keeps the feet cool during use
  • Offers total protection to the Achilles tendon
  • Suitable for both low and high intensity walking

  • Featureing padded zones for comfort and protection
  • Breathable design prevents feet from overheating
  • Endorsed by the England Cricket Team
  • Cooling, supportive and protective properties perfect for cricket

  • Offers excellent breathability and foot temperature control
  • Double-layer design prevents sore feet and blisters
  • Fitted heel, arch bracing and flat toe seams ensure secure fit
  • Endorsed by the England Cricket Team for playing cricket

  • Padded zones on the toes, heel, ball of foot and Achilles offer protection
  • Offers a ventilation zone that increases airflow to the foot
  • Provides arch bracing that ensures a secure fit
  • Suitable for a wide range of sports that includes running, racket sport and gym work

  • Control temperature in extremely cold conditions
  • Utilise Tactel fabric to provide optimum comfort
  • Wicks moisture from the skin to prevent overheating
  • Ideal at providing protection in snow sports activities

  • Thick Merino wool maintains temperature of foot if hot or cold
  • Offers padding on the heel, toe, ankle and ball of foot
  • Features a flat toe seam that prevents blisters from occurring
  • Highly suitable for users who experience foot pain while walking

  • Ideal for keeping feet cool in warmer conditions
  • Features a padded heel and toe for extra protection
  • Designed to prevent sore and aching feet
  • Coolmax fabric wicks moisture away from feet

  • Superb for racket sports, cycling, gym work and running
  • Offers exceptional prevention against blisters
  • Feature a reduced toe seam and fitted heel for comfort
  • Supplied in two different colours: black and white

1000 Mile Race Socks

1000 Mile Race Socks£8.99

  • Featuring Tactel technology to keep the feet cool
  • Heel power technology ensures a perfect fit
  • Provides arch bracing for additional support
  • Suitable for light joggers up to marathon runners

  • Well suited to aid injury recovery
  • Suitable for use through light training
  • Offers compression levels 14 - 17mmhg
  • Designed to wick moisture away from foot

  • Features a dual-layer construction that prevents blisters
  • Arch support and HeelPower ensures a secure fit
  • Fitted with a Tactel inner liner that keeps fit in place
  • Best suited to extended running activities

  • Features copper-based technology that prevents fungus and bacteria spreading
  • Ideal for preventing the spread of bad smelling foot odour
  • Features a short socklet design that offers full foot movement
  • Features key padding in weak areas for support and protection

  • Features Cupron technology to prevent bad foot odour from spreading
  • Fitted with padded zones to ensure comfort during use
  • Special arch bracing protects key areas and hold sock in place
  • Well suited to users who experience discomfort on long walks

  • Offers excellent warmth and protection while skiing
  • Extra long design uses a ribbed top to avoid slipping
  • Features an acrylic, wool and nylon liner that keeps users warm
  • Fitted with a padded Achilles and shin for support

  • Padding protects the Achilles tendon and shin
  • Designed to wick moisture away from the foot
  • Protects well from shocks and abrasion
  • Best suited to winter snow sports activities

Hiking Support Socks and Insoles Bundle

Hiking Support Socks and Insoles Bundle£24.98   £23.50

  • Features 1000 Mile Fusion Walking Socks for hiking
  • Sorbothane Shock Stopper Insoles ideal for walking
  • Combined offer excellent comfort and protection
  • Built-in antibacterial design and moisture wicking technology cools feet

  • Superb for using in snowy weather and skiing
  • Features insoles that provide comfort and support
  • Features 1000 Mile Skiing Socks that provide warmth and protection
  • Work together to protect feet, keep feet warm and provide comfort

Sports Support Socks and Insoles Bundle

Sports Support Socks and Insoles Bundle£25.94   £24.50


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