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Blue Point

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Blue Point Heel Cups

Blue Point Heel Cups£9.95  (1)

  • Pressure relief and shock absorption
  • Cushions and supports the entire heel
  • Promotes stability across the whole foot
  • Comfort while walking, running or standing

  • Designed for high heels or tight fitting shoes
  • Pressure relief and shock absorption
  • Metatarsal rise for relief on the forefoot
  • Enhanced comfort and support

  • Cushions feet, ankle and knees from impact
  • Designed to reduce pressure and absorb shock
  • Washable, reusable and can be trimmed to size
  • Blue sections highlight targeted area of the foot

  • Designed for high heel or tight fitting shoes
  • Metatarsal pad for pressure relief in the forefoot
  • Shock absorbing and enhanced comfort
  • Eases pain caused by pressure

Blue Point 3/4 Length Insoles

Blue Point 3/4 Length Insoles£21.49  (1)

  • Designed for flat shoes and trainers
  • Suitable for walking and high impact sports
  • Cushions and supports the foot
  • Provides pressure and pain relief

  • Fits comfortably into most footwear
  • Cushions and supports foot from impact
  • Shock absorbing and pressure relief capabilities 
  • Helps align the foot into a natural position

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