Yaktrax Run Grey Ice Grips for Shoes

Yaktrax Run Grey Ice Grips for Shoes

  • Traction devices for shoes
  • Ideal for runners dealing with snow and ice
  • Toe spikes prevent slips when you run
  • Anatomical fit accommodates the shape of your feet
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Yaktrax Run Grey Ice Grips for Shoes

You don't have to abandon your exercise routine this winter, even if it snows. With the Yaktrax Run Grey Ice Grips for Shoes, you can achieve increased stability on snowy or icy surfaces, even when you run or job. By using a combination of steel coils and toe spikes, the Yaktrax Runs increase the traction your shoes provide and can perform in temperatures as cold as -40.5°C (-41°F).

Please view sizing information below.

What's Included In My Purchase?

  • 2 x Yaktrax Ice Grips

Who Can Benefit from the Yaktrax Run Ice Grips?

The Run Ice Grips can benefit anyone who wants to travel more safely over ice and snow. Due to their anatomical shape and toe spikes, they are especially suitable for winter runners, however they can also be used by:

  • The elderly
  • Walkers
  • Hikers
  • Commuters
  • Skiers

Ideal for Running

The toe spikes and anatomical design of the Run Ice Grips secure their position as the best Yaktrax Ice Grips for winter exercise. Each grip moulds around the shape of either your left or right foot, ensuring your natural running stride is never altered. Meanwhile, the carbide steel spikes provide a very high level of traction when you push off the ground, reducing the risk of slippage.

Are Yaktrax Easy to Put On?

The Yaktrax Runs only take a moment to put on, so you won't have to lose any time from your run. Simply sit with one leg over the over, then stretch your Yaktrax over your shoe from toe to heel. Lastly, fasten the performance strap securely over the front.

Is There Anything I Should Check Before Using Yaktrax?

Before going anywhere with your Yaktrax, make doubly sure they are on correctly. Please check that:

  1. The word 'heel' or 'toe' on your Yaktrax are pressed against your shoe (they should not be visible or the device is inside out).
  2. The coils sit flat against the soles of your shoes and do not go past its edge.
  3. The outer band rests against the outer edge of your footprint (this should not be caught on the sole).
  4. There is a circular knob visible on the webbing of your Yaktrax covering your sole.

Which Size Is Right for Me?

The Yaktrax Runs are available in four different sizes. To find the perfect fit for your shoes measure the circumference of your shoe's footprints. Shoe sizing can also give you an indication as to which Yaktrax size will suit you best, but always take circumference into consideration first as the walking aids will fit on your shoes' exteriors.

Yaktrax Sole Circumference Guide

Measure around the outside footprint of your shoe and match your results to the table below.

Size Circumference (cm) Circumference (inches)
Small 58 - 64cm 23 - 25"
Medium 64 - 72cm 25 - 28"
Large 72 - 76cm 28 - 30"
Extra Large 76 - 82cm 30 - 32"

Yaktrax Shoe Sizing for Men

Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Small Size 4.5 - 8 37.5 - 42
Medium Size 9 - 10.5 43 - 45
Large Size 11 - 13 46 - 48
Extra Large Over 13 Over 48.5

Yaktrax Shoe Sizing for Women

Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Small Size 5 - 8.5 38 - 42.5
Medium Size 9 - 10.5 43 - 45
Large Size 11 - 13 46 - 48
Extra Large Over 13 Over 48.5

Will Yaktrax Fit My Shoes?

The Yaktrax are made from natural rubber, which remains fully flexible in sub-zero temperatures. This ensures they always provide a versatile fit, making them suitable for all kinds of shoes including sports trainers, hiking shoes or steel capped work boots.

How Do The Yaktrax Run Ice Grips Work?

When wearing most standard shoes, there is a high risk of slips and falls when you try to run on ice or snow. The Yaktrax Run Ice Grips use a combination of criss-crossing steel coils spikes to increase the tractions your shoes provide, without being too cumbersome to move naturally with.

Can I Walk On Pavement With the Yaktrax?

To prevent injury to yourself of damage to the product, you should always avoid walking or running on non-snow or ice-covered surfaces, including pavement, concrete and gravel. Instead, try to take them off and carry them when walking over such terrain.

Do Yaktrax Eliminate the Risk of Ice?

Yaktrax can make it easier to walk and run on snow or ice, but they do not eliminate all the risks associated with such terrains. It is still possible to slip, fall or hurt yourself in these conditions, so you should always exercise great caution, even when you are wearing your Yaktrax.

How Heavy Are the Yaktrax Runs?

The Yaktrax Runs are so lightweight, you'll barely notice them when you run. They have a weight range of 274.99 - 331.7 (9.7 - 11.7oz) depending on your chosen size.

Reflective Straps Improve Fit and Visibility

The front straps of your Yaktrax will help keep them securely in place while you run so you can enjoy your exercise in peace. Fitted with reflective material, they can also help to improve your visibility when running in low lighting or adverse weather conditions.

What Are the Yaktrax Runs Made Of?

The Yaktrax Runs are made from durable yet light material that won't hold you back when you run. They consist of:

  • Coils - Stainless steel (recycled content)
  • Spikes - Carbide steel (recycled content)
  • Webbing - Natural Rubber

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