CurrexSole HikePro High Profile Dynamic Insoles

CurrexSole HikePro High Profile Dynamic Insoles

  • Hiking insoles to help avoid blisters and protects footwear
  • Designed for high foot arches
  • Easily sized to feet - just trim with scissors!
  • Also available for flat feet, low or medium arches
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CurrexSole HikePro High Profile Dynamic Insoles

The CurrexSole HikePro High Profile Dynamic Insoles are designed to protect both your feet and your footwear while hiking. These insoles are perfect for people with high foot arches but we also offer them in Low Profile and Medium Profile variants if they are better suited to your needs.

What Are CurrexSole HikePro Insoles?

The CurrexSole HikePro is Currex's hiking specific insole. In hiking boots or shoes CurrexSole wicking triple layer insoles will keep your feet dry, while the stiff foundation will stop your feet from slipping, to minimise the risk of blisters or sores. At the same time the insole protects your footwear against hours of friction from your feet during walking and hiking.

Features and Benefits of the HikePro Insoles

  • Lightweight design is comfortable and discreet
  • Stiff sole helps to bring support to your feet
  • Features Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT) to reduce fatigue
  • Moisture-wicking fabric prevents sweat and reduces odour
  • Shock absorbent material helps to reduce fatigue
  • Forefoot cushioning protects your metatarsals
  • Breathable design helps to keep feet cool and comfortable
  • Specifically designed for hiking and long walks

How Do the CurrexSole HikePro Insoles Work?

CurrexSole insoles bring together four innovative features to give your feet the maximum of support and boost your performance:

  1. The Autofit Heel Cup provides gentle support to the heel and mid-foot.
  2. Triple Layer Support aids air circulation and reduces the risk of blister development or excessive foot odour.
  3. 3D DAT (Dynamic Arch Technology) to generate dynamic mid-sole arch support.
  4. Metatarsal Cushioning offers PORON cushioning protection to the heel and ball of the foot.

What Activities re These Insoles Designed For?

HikePro insoles excel in any area where your feet need to be held firm, including:

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Backpacking
  • Weightlifting

Sizing Information

The CurrexSole HikePro is available in six sizes that should suit most users. To achieve a perfect fit, you can trim your insole slightly at the toe. For your size, simply match your shoe size to the chart below.

Size UK Shoe Size
Extra Small UK Size 2 - 3.5
Small UK Size 4 - 5.5
Medium UK Size 6 - 7.5
Large UK Size 8 - 9.5
Extra Large UK Size 10 - 11.5
XX-Large UK Size 12 - 14

Are These High Arch Insoles?

This high profile sole is designed to support those with high foot arches. High arches can be bad at absorbing shock, and represent a higher risk of injury than average arches. If this is not your foot type we also offer low and medium profile foot supports. If you are unsure about what kind of foot you have we recommend looking at our guides further down this page. 

Are These Insoles Available for Different Kinds of Feet?

All CurrexSole Insoles come in three varieties to give the best support to all kinds of feet:

  • Low Profile Insoles for low arched feet – Low arched feet have a minimal arch or no visible arch at all. Low arches are ineffective shock absorbers and prone in injury.
  • Medium Profile Insoles for medium arched feet – Medium arched feet have an arch stretching from hell to the ball of the foot. These feet are effective at reducing shock, but are still at risk of injury after excessive or intense physical injury.
  • High Profile Insoles for high arched feet – High arched feet have a distinct arch stretching from heel to forefoot. These arches are often more rigid and less able to absorb shock, which can lead to injury.

Which Arch Do I Have?

If you don't know what sort of arch you have, an easy fitting guide is to attempt to place an index finger beneath the arch of your foot while standing upright:

An alternate test to find out your foot type is to walk over brown or coloured paper with wet feet. the imprint left by your foot should depict your arch height, as shown in the diagram below:

What kind of arch do you have?

What is DAT (CurrexSole Dynamic Arch Technology)?

3D DAT (dynamic arch technology) is a dynamic bridge made from a nylon composite. To reduce the risk of overload, it supports the mid-section of your foot and minimises excessive movement.

Not only does this dynamic arch reduce the risk of overload, it stores energy and makes your stride more efficient. This makes the DAT ideal for people that are hiking or walking over long distances.

What Other CurrexSole Insoles Are Available?

CurrexSole offer insoles for a variety of specific activities:

  • RunPro Insoles are designed to give you the best performance possible from your running shoes.
  • CleatPro Insoles are excellent all round sports insoles.
  • EdgePro Insoles are built to give you back control where boots have restricted your feet, such as in snow sports.
  • BikePro Insoles are perfect for boosting performance and comfort in cycling shoes.

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