Basic Metatarsal Domes
Basic Metatarsal DomesBasic Metatarsal DomesBasic Metatarsal Domes

Basic Metatarsal Domes

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  • Domes to relieve pressure from the metatarsal area
  • Can be applied to a range of orthotics
  • Adhesive backed to stick securely in place
  • Three sizes available for different foot sizes
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Please note, due to the nature of this product, it is vital you understand exactly where to apply your domes. Please read the information regarding area of application carefully

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Basic Metatarsal Domes

The Basic Metatarsal Domes are adhesive backed and can be applied to a range of orthotics to help reduce pain in the metatarsal area. The metatarsal domes are available in a pack of two domes and a pack of 10 domes, and can be stuck to insoles or orthotics for ongoing use.

What's Included?

The Basic Metatarsal Domes are available in the following options:

  • 1 x Pack of 2 Domes
  • 1 x Pack of 10 Domes

The pack of two domes allows you to try out the domes in the footwear of your choice. However, if you wish to use the domes in multiple pairs of shoes, then we would recommend the pack of 10 domes, as the adhesive backing means that they are not designed for moving between footwear.

Your required choice can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Recommended Sizing Guide and Information

The Basic Metatarsal Domes are available in a choice of three sizes to help you to find the best fit possible. Please see below for recommended sizing based on shoe sizes, as well as the measurements for each of the three dome sizes.

UK Shoe Size Recommendations

  • Small Domes: UK shoe size 4 - 6
  • Medium Domes: UK shoe size 7 - 8
  • Large Domes: UK shoe sizes 9+

Metatarsal Dome Measurements (Length x Width)

  • Small Domes: 62mm x 48mm
  • Medium Domes: 71mm x 53mm
  • Large Domes: 77mm x 63mm

Please note: It is recommended that these products are fitted by a specialist. All size variations are 7mm in thickness.

How Do I Apply My Metatarsal Domes?

To find out how to get the most out of your metatarsal pads, please view the instructions below!

  1. Remove the insole from your existing pair of shoes and place your metatarsal pad on top
  2. Place your foot over the pad and experiment with the placement of the dome until you find a placement area that maximises relief
  3. Lightly trace or mark the insole at the correct area and remove the film from the back of the dome
  4. Gently place the flat side of the dome down onto your insole/shoe bed and press gently for ten seconds
  5. Wait for the adhesive gel to set before placing your insole back inside your shoe

Talar Made Metatarsal Domes

When correctly fitted, your insole should look roughly like this

Where Exactly Should I Apply the Metatarsal Supports?

These metatarsal supports should be placed at the front of your metatarsal area, just behind your toe joints. The flatter edge should be positioned just behind your metatarsal heads at the ball of your foot, with the tapered edge resting at the beginning of your arch and pointing towards your heel.

The diagram below shows a general guide that will vary based on your insoles and foot shape.

Proper metatarsal pad placement diagram

Who Can Benefit from Wearing the Basic Metatarsal Domes?

Those suffering with foot conditions such as metatarsal pain and Morton's neuroma could benefit from the effective pressure relief these domes provide when placed under the metatarsal area (middle of the ball of foot area). The conditions for which these domes are suitable is as follows:

  • Metatarsalgia
  • Metatarsal bursitis
  • Morton's neuroma
  • Realignment of lesser digits

What Activities are Metatarsal Domes Suitable for?

Based on customer application and podiatrist recommendation, please see the list below to find out which activities suit Metatarsal Domes best:

  • Commuting 
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Sprinting
  • Walking

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Our Guide to Finding the Perfect Size and Fit

Using Your Shoe Size

For most of our insoles, the easiest way to find the best size for you is to go off of your current shoe size. The majority of our insoles are available in a range of sizes and you can simply select the size that best fits your existing shoes.

Please be aware that, as with shoes, there can be slight variations in the size of insoles. For example a size 8 of one brand might not be exactly the same size and width as the size 8 of another. To help account for these discrepancies, a number of our insoles include dimensions to help you ensure you're getting the right size.

Measuring Your Current Insoles

While using your shoe size to find your best size is a good guide, it is not always foolproof. If you want to guarantee that your insole fit your shoes as closely as possible, we recommend measuring your existing insole and using this as a guide to your size.

To do this, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Remove the existing insole from the shoes you wish to use your new insoles with (please note that not all insoles are removable)
  2. Measure the insoles at their longest and widest points (see the below diagram for an idea of where this will be
  3. Match the measurements to the dimensions of the insoles listed, and choose the size that best fits your results

How to measure your insoles

Where Can I Find the Dimensions?

The dimensions for insoles can be found on the "Product Details" tab (please see below) and are usually found in the sizing section of the listing, in a table. Please be aware that not all products currently have the dimensions listed.

Product Details Example
The dimensions of insoles can usually be found on the "Product Details" tab

What If There Are No Dimensions Listed?

If you do not see the dimensions listed on the Product Details tab, please fill in the form below and we will work to get the relevant information as quickly as possible. We will email you once we have the information that you have requested.


Trimming Your Insoles to Fit

To get the ultimate level of fit from your insoles, you can trim them to make a small adjustment. To trim your insoles, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Remove your existing insoles from your shoes
  2. Line up your existing and new insoles at the heel
  3. Trace the outline of the insoles against the new pair at the toe end (see the image below for an example)
  4. Carefully cut along the traced line
  5. Your insoles should now fit your shoes better

Trace the outline of your existing insoles
Carefully trace the outline of your insole

Please note that not all insoles are suitable for trimming. Most insoles are unsuitable for return once they have been trimmed to fit; we recommend bearing this in mind prior to trimming.

If you would like a more detailed guide to trimming your insoles, please read our full guide on How to Trim Your Insoles.

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Customer Reviews
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Metatarsal domes
Tuesday, 28 June 2022  |  Nola

These were uncomfortable initially but as they started to spread the bones in my feet to take the pressure off my big toe joints , I never noticed them there . Started with them in the boots I wear all day for yard work ( horses at home ) but sent for more and have them in all the slippers and shoes I have now . Also the chronic ache I have had in one knee for the past few years has gone , I assume because my leg is in proper alignment with a combination of the dome and the new insoles I got from you too . Many thanks .

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This review has not been appraised.

Basic Metatarsal Domes
Wednesday, 22 June 2022  |  A

Arrived promptly, reasonable price and my physiotherapist is happy.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.

metatarsal domes
Wednesday, 22 June 2022  |  A

Received promptly, as described and my physiotherapist is happy.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.

Metatarsal Domes help prevent foot pain.
Sunday, 27 March 2022  |  George

The Metatarsal Domes will help prevent foot pain, but my foot condition will also require a GelSmart M-Gel Universal Metarsal Strap, since ordered from you.

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This review has not been appraised.

Very Good Product and company
Wednesday, 16 March 2022  |  Anthony

I was recommended these Metatarsal domes by my Physio and when I got back home I searched the internet and found this company and product and ordered them. To my surprise they came in the post the next morning. What more can I say. After a few adjustments sticking them to my insole they have done the trick and the pain in my foot has now gone, after one week of use, and I can go out walking again. My Physio was well pleased when I told him. So I can recommend this company and product. It worked for me.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Very quick delivery
Monday, 14 March 2022  |  Nerys

Not tried the domes yet but wish they came with a diagram to show how they are to be fitted.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.


Hi Nerys,

Thanks very much for taking the time to leave a review with us. We really appreciate hearing the thoughts of our customers.

We appreciate that these products can be tricky to apply correctly so we've included a step-by-step guide on our product page to help you apply them properly. We have included pictures of where abouts the domes should sit and how long to wait until you can securely use your insoles/shoes again.

We hope this information proves helpful and thanks again for leaving a review with us. If you require any further assistance with this product please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Seth at

Very good product
Friday, 11 March 2022  |  Joanna

Very fast delivery. Great *****

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This review has not been appraised.

Metatarsal domes
Wednesday, 9 February 2022  |  Paul

These do make a difference in some of my shoes but not all. They are good quality and not bad for the price.
I would say get these and donít waste money on an insole. As I did. The metatarsal pad incorporated in the insole Is not in the right place. It comes under the arch towards the heal. Way too far back to do any good.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.

Life saving!
Monday, 7 February 2022  |  Helen

Will probably buy more of these as they have proven so effective at helping my ball of foot pain during distance walking - I need them in all my footwear!

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.

Good Price Good Product
Wednesday, 29 December 2021  |  Steve

This product is much more expensive in the shops so to find the identical product online at such a competitive price was very pleasing. The speed of delivery was also impressive.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

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