Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Shoe Laces

Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Shoe Laces

  • Pair of laces that do not require tying
  • Help to alleviate foot pain on smart shoes
  • Use compression knot technology to allow shoes to swell with foot
  • Tieless design is ideal for young children and the elderly
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Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Shoe Laces

Shoe laces can often be the cause of sore and aching feet, because they don't allow your shoes to swell with natural swelling that occurs during the day. Helping to improve blood flow, sore feet and fatigue, the Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Shoe Laces use special compression knots that disappear when pulled which allows them to slide through eyelets on a shoe. They then reappear once the pressure is removed, allowing the laces to stay in place, untied, and ready to stretch with the expansion of your feet during a long day.

Who Can Benefit from the Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Laces?

Young children can struggle tying laces due to inexperience, and the elderly can also struggle due to decreased mobility. The Xtenex Compression Shoe Laces stay in place as the knot on the laces can contract and retract in size when pulled, meaning that they can fit through an eyelet and stay there when required, helping to maintain a safe, secure and comfortable fit.

This secure fit is unparalleled by normal laces, providing a level of support that is proven to decrease foot pain after a long day. The thin and narrow design of the laces are perfect for smart shoes, and can even transform a shoe into a moccasin if required.

Benefits of the Accu-Fit Compression Laces

The Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Laces are designed for use with smart shoes and can provide a number of benefits. Firstly, they incorporate revolutionary compression knot technology, meaning that the wearer can pull the knots on the laces apart, slide them through the eyelets in their shoe, release the laces and have a tight fitting shoe that doesn't require tying.

As the laces can then stretch and retract between the eyelets, it means that your shoes can stretch with the natural swelling of your feet. This helps to prevent your feet from rubbing the top of your shoe, helping to alleviate sore and aching feet and reduce the chances of ankle instability, blisters and calluses. This provides a unique catered fit that can't be achieved with normal shoe laces, perfect for a long day at work.

Reduces Pain During All-Day Use

They can reduce pain during a long day on your feet, as the laces can expand with the natural swelling that occurs during the day. Normal laces can prevent your shoe from expanding with your feet which can cause blood flow to be disrupted and your feet to swell. By allowing your shoes to increase in size with your feet, you alleviate the pressure that your feet feel, allowing them to breathe and allowing you to stay comfortable.

How to Use Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Laces

To adjust these laces to your liking, stretch them apart in opposing directions to reduce knot size, then thread the stretched portion through the eyelet. Select the desired compression index (number of knots between eyelets) then release to set.

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