TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks
TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator SocksTOETOE Cotton Toe Separator SocksTOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks
TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator SocksTOETOE Cotton Toe Separator SocksTOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks

TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks

  • Toe socks providing excellent separation of the foot
  • Ideal for those suffering from blisters, bunions and calluses
  • Comfortable and soft, preventing friction between the toes
  • Prevent foot odour by eliminating bacteria build-up
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TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks

Most of us don't give much thought to the design of standard socks, but in fact they may be hurting our balance, movement, and the overall health of our feet. TOETOE have challenged that sub-par design with the TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks, providing a slight separation between each toe to eliminate foot odour as well as the friction that can cause blisters, bunions and calluses. Allowing the feet to function separately, these socks can help boost your balance, positioning and posture to get rid of the problems you didn't even realise your normal socks were causing!

These unisex socks are available in three colours; please select your desired size using the drop-down menu above.

Who Can Benefit from TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks?

Friction between the toes can cause all sorts of problems, including blisters, calluses, sweating and foot odour. These socks are ideal for anyone suffering from these issues, providing a small separation between the toes to completely eliminate friction, thereby increasing comfort and preventing the problems that regular socks can cause.

Key Features

  • Comfortable toe socks to provide separation between the toes
  • Can help to improve balance, comfort and overall movement
  • Separate the toes to help the feet and brain work together more effectively
  • Prevent friction between the toes to eliminate the risk of blister formation
  • Help to exercise muscles tendons and ligaments to relieve foot pain
  • Eliminate foot odour by preventing bacteria build-up between toes
  • Continuous toe movement pattern promotes constant circulation
  • Circulation helps to regulate foot temperature through the day
  • Supplied in one universal, stretchable size
  • Free toe movement boosts balance and awareness

Healthy Toe Separation

By providing separation between the toes, TOETOE Socks allow your toes to function separately, and not as one stiff unit as in conventional socks. This subtly increases the brain's awareness of your toes, helping to unconsciously boost your balance and posture while improving movement.

Benefits of TOETOE Socks

All TOETOE socks are designed to provide separation between your toes, improving the health of your feet in a number of ways. These include:

  • Better Balance: As your toes can move freely, they can independently send movement information to your brain, helping to instantly improve your overall balance.
  • No Friction, No Blisters: Blisters and calluses on your feet are caused by constant rubbing between your toes, causing friction and moisture build-up. Since these socks separate your toes, this problem is stopped before it can start!
  • Eliminate Foot Odour: Smelly feet are caused by a build-up of bacteria and moisture that occurs when wearing normal socks. By separating the toes, smelling feet are eliminated for good.
  • Better Circulation, Better Temperature: With a continuous toe movement pattern, TOETOE socks promote circulation for better temperature control.
  • Better Foot Function: TOETOE socks help to subtly make your brain more aware of each of your toes independently, helping to increase the overall function of your feet as you walk, run, or engage in any other movements.
  • Better Looking Toes: Standard socks crunch your toes together, causing them to become curved and wrinkled over time. With TOETOE socks, your toes maintain their original shape to keep them looking as good as a toe can!

Sizing Information

The TOETOE Separator Socks are available in a universal size that should be suitable for the following shoe sizes:

  • UK Sizes 4 - 11
  • US Women's sizes 6 - 13
  • US Men's sizes 4.5 - 11.5
  • European sizes 35 - 46
  • Japanese sizes 22.5 - 29.5

Technical Information

  • Materials: 80% cotton, 20% elastane

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