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Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace
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Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace

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Brand:  Matrix

  • Lightweight, low profile yet robust
  • Carbon glass fibre composite AFO
  • Rigid shell and height adjustable tibial plate
  • Comes with spare pad set & 12 month warranty

Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace

The Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace is a lightweight and low profile AFO made from carbon glass fibre composite.

The Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace has an interior moulded rigid shell and height adjustable tibial plate.

Who Can Benefit from the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace?

The Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace is suitable for:

  • Ankle instability
  • Drop foot
  • Forefoot amputation
  • MS / CVA / Neurological conditions

Because the footplate on the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace is not a full one, you can use a custom shoe insole along with it for maximum comfort. By supporting foot drop, it enables you to walk normally without your toes dragging.

Features of the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace

The plush padding on the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace gives greater comfort and an anatomical fit for the best experience possible. Because the reverse pull Velcro straps can be used both left or right handed, you can comfortably secure the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace no matter your handedness.

The Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace even comes with a spare pad set and 12 month warranty to put your mind completely at ease.

Sizing for the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace

Description Foot Length (cm)
Small Up to 25  
Medium 24 - 27 
Large 25 - 29 

How to use the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace

  1. Place patient's foot on the footplate and adjust the height of the anterior shell so that I covers the tibial tubercle but does not impinge on the patella at full knee extension. Trim and / or heat mold the anterior shell as needed for optimal patient comfort. Please note: This is not a full-foot footplate, the patient's heel will clear the posterior of the footplate. This is expected, the orthotic will accommodate the heel.
  2. Place the orthotic (either the shoe’s, an off-the-shelf or custom one) on top of the footplate and inert into the shoe. Do not affix the orthotic to the footplate at this time. See modification to Footplate for further details.
  3. Place the patient’s foot into the shoe on top of the orthotic. Fasten Proximal straps only. Check for pressures, and slide strut lateral, posterior or anterior as needed to optimize fit. Strut should always be anterior to the malleolus.
  4. With the weight bearing, open lateral side of the shoe and mark reference for final assembly.
  5. Remove the AFO and lightly bond the orthotic to the footplate. Do not permanently bond the orthotic at this time.
  6. Perform trial walking and gait assessment. Check that the orthotic is giving the correct ground reaction at the knee. If the AFO is hyper-extending the knee, then the heel on the footwear is too low and the addition of a heel post is needed. If there is knee flexion at midstance, the heel should be reduced.
  7. It is important to check that the AFO is comfortable and not causing areas of pressure concentration that may lead to blistering or pressure sores. Particular attention should be paid to the following boney prominences: head of the fibula, patella, lateral malleolus, 1st and 5th metatarsal heads , and base of 5th metatarsal.

Modifying the Foot Plate

  • The footplate may be ground, as needed
  • For heel posting, the posting should be added to the upper surface of the footplate.
  • Valgus and metatarsal pads may be added to improve comfort and accommodate prominent metatarsal heads.
  • Proximal or mid-transmetatarsal amputations can be accommodated by the addition of a total contact foot bed and toe filler 

Wearing Shoes with the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace

Shoe selection is critical to the performance of Matrix AFO. The following points should be adhered to when selecting footwear.

  • Heel pitch should be 1.5cm (5/8”). This gives a neutral ground reaction effect at the knee
  • Firm supportive heel counter for rear foot control
  • Non-Slip sole that is not too rigid. This allows the footplate to flex and propel at the toe off
  • The patient should be instructed to only wear shoes that have a similar heel pitch to the ones used in the initial assessment and gait analysis. Any deviation from this may give ground reactions that are detrimental to the knee joint Matrix or Matrix Max are hyper extending the knee then the heel on the footwear is too low and the addition of a heel post is needed. If there is knee flexion at mid stance then the heel should be reduced 

Using the Matrix Dynamic AFO Foot Drop Brace for a Diabetic foot

  • When using Matrix or Matrix Max on patients with diabetes, a custom orthotic must be used.
  • Great care must be taken to ensure that the orthotic and/or AFO is not causing any localized pressure that may lead to pressure sores or ulcerations.
  • Extra depth shoes may be needed to accommodate the custom orthotic.
  • Matrix has a 15 degree dorsiflexion angle built into the footplate that may cause the toes to come in contact with the top/front of the shoe. Therefore, close attention should be paid to the dorsal aspect of the toes. 

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