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Insoles for Corns

If your shoes are ill-fitting, this can cause a number of problems with the skin on your feet including calluses and corns. The Shoe Insoles range of Insoles for Corns have been designed to help relieve the rubbing and discomfort that can contribute to corns by improving the position of your foot within your shoe. Our Insoles for Corns have been carefully selected by us in collaboration with the manufacturers so that we have a range that is 100% guaranteed suitable for people suffering from corns. For more information about our range of Insoles for Corns, please contact our customer care team on 020 7501 1102 or via the "Contact Us" page.

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Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles£27.99  (14)

  • Prescription-like orthotic supports
  • Stabilizing heel cradle and medial support
  • Hypurcel inner foam gives outstanding comfort
  • Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, arch pain, over-pronation and more

Silipos Full Gel Toe Caps (2 Pack)

Silipos Full Gel Toe Caps (2 Pack)£3.99  -  £4.99

  • Protects toes from pressure and friction pain  
  • Reduce discomfort caused by corns, blisters and ingrown nails
  • Features mineral oil gel to cushion, moisturise and condition the skin
  • Visco-elastic properties help prevent abrasion and discomfort

  • Ready for immediate use, no moulding necessary
  • Helps maintain the foot around its subtalar neutral position
  • Ideal for patients requiring mild support and functional control
  • For athletic shoes and larger fitting footwear, including work boots

  • Provides relief from bunions
  • Soft and flexible
  • Reduces scarring after surgery
  • Latex free

Neo G Silicone Toe Rings

Neo G Silicone Toe Rings£11.49

  • Premium quality silicone for comfort and durability
  • Helps with corns and blisters between the toes
  • Also helps with hammer/claw toes, friction and pressure
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of the wearer's foot

Pedag Toe Cap

Pedag Toe Cap£4.99

  • Protects the tips of toes
  • For all nail problems including ingrown nails
  • Alleviates pain and prevents poor hygiene
  • Flexible & tear resistant

  • Relieves metatarsalgia and ball of the foot pain
  • Correctly aligns the toe joints
  • Alleviates pain and discomfort
  • Supplied in pairs and a range of sizes

  • Reduces the irritation felt between the toes
  • Easy to apply to the toes
  • Comfortable to wear in different types of shoe
  • Supplied in pairs in a range of sizes

  • Comfortable toe separators to stop toes overlapping
  • Helps to relieve pain caused by corns and bunions
  • Suitable to assist with a number of different conditions
  • Supplied in pairs in three different sizes

  • Helps to cushion and comfort the foot
  • Encourages healing by moisturising and softening the skin
  • Suitable to relieve bunions, corns and calluses
  • For use with the little toe (one per pack)

  • Specially designed for those with diabetes
  • Helps prevent common foot injuries
  • Memory structured foam for superior cushioning
  • Eliminate pressure points that cause blisters

Superfeet Blue Active Insoles

Superfeet Blue Active Insoles£29.99  (2)

  • Superfeet's most versatile and easy-to-fit insole
  • Thin, high-performing and flexible, can fit almost any shoe
  • agION antimicrobial finish keeps insoles clean and fresh
  • Available in both adult and junior sizes

  • Comforts and cushions the feet and toes
  • Helps with nail problems and cracked cuticles
  • Can be used to assist conditions such as hammer toes
  • Supplied in pairs with three different sizes

  • Antibacterial hygienic coating
  • Mineral oil gel is soft and comfortable
  • Completely encloses the toe
  • Suitable for wounds and injuries

  • Protects toes from friction
  • Helps to alleviate pressure
  • Use where corns cause discomfort
  • Excellent value - approx 60 pads

Silipos Digit Gel Pads (On 2 Strips)

Silipos Digit Gel Pads (On 2 Strips)£12.99  -  £15.99

  • Protects toes from friction
  • Helps to alleviate footwear pressure
  • Extra hygienic antibacterial option
  • Excellent value - 2 full strips per pack

Superfeet Yellow Amarillo Insoles

Superfeet Yellow Amarillo Insoles£29.99  (1)

  • Ventilating insoles designed for athletes
  • Ideal for skate, hockey and cycling shoes
  • Patented heel cup and contoured support for optimum comfort
  • Superfeet 60 day money back guarantee 

  • Reduces pain caused through wearing high heels
  • Spreads weight evenly across the whole of the foot to reduce pressure
  • Adhesive to ensure it stays in position throughout the day
  • Can be worn with any type of shoe from boots to sandals

  • Elasticated, gel-lined cap covers and protects toe
  • Cushions sensitive, injured toes and nails
  • Made from ribbed nylon for durability and a natural fit
  • Available in three sizes

  • Gel-lined cut-to-size tubing for calluses, corns and overlapping toes
  • Soft ribbed nylon for durability and elasticated fit
  • Prevents friction and rubbing between toes
  • Available in 3 sizes

GelSmart M-Gel Digital Cap

GelSmart M-Gel Digital Cap£4.99  -  £6.99

  • Provides superb cushioning and relief for painful toes
  • Reduces pain caused by different conditions
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Supplied as a pair

GelSmart M-Gel Digital Strip

GelSmart M-Gel Digital Strip£8.99  -  £10.99

  • Digital strip to reduce friction between the toes
  • Helps to alleviate toe pain
  • Ideal for conditions such as corns and bunions
  • Available in different sizes

GelSmart M2-Gel All Gel Toe Caps

GelSmart M2-Gel All Gel Toe Caps£3.99  -  £5.99

  • Superior cushion to protect the toe
  • Reduces friction and pressure on the toes
  • Aids a number of conditions including corns
  • Supplied in pairs in a variety of sizes

GelSmart S-Gel Adhesive Sheet

GelSmart S-Gel Adhesive Sheet£4.99  -  £7.99

  • Can be used anywhere on the body 
  • Soft 4-way stretch fabric
  • Self-adhesive and adheres to skin
  • Provides relief for multiple conditions

Metatarsal/Sulcus Pads

Metatarsal/Sulcus Pads£3.99

  • Metatarsal dome with forefoot extension
  • Ideal for offloading pressure from metatarsal heads
  • Easily trimmed to offload specific areas
  • Available in EVA with MicroGrip or PU Gel with self-adhesive

  • Prevents irritation on tips of toe
  • Alleviates pain when walking
  • Flexible & tear resistant
  • Conforms to any foot

  • Diabetes insoles for sensitive feet
  • This design is suitable for most shoes
  • Helps to prevent calluses and corns on-top of other conditions
  • Available in 11 sizes, suitable for men and women

Pedag Toe Separators

Pedag Toe Separators£4.99

  • Prevents pain from friction
  • Ideal for corns & blisters
  • Flexible and tear resistant
  • With moisturising lotion for greater comfort

Pedag Toe Strips

Pedag Toe Strips£4.99

  • Relieves pressure points on your toes
  • Alleviates pain from corns & warts
  • Flexible & tear resistant
  • Contains moisturising lotion for greater comfort

  • Relieves pressure points on your toes
  • Alleviates pain from corns
  • Flexible & tear resistant
  • Contains moisturising lotion for greater comfort

  • Reduce rubbing between toes for better comfort
  • Help ease pain from corns and calluses
  • Made from washable and reusable silicone for a longer life
  • Trimmable design ensures a better fit

Silipos Antibacterial Digit Gel Pads (6 Pack)

Silipos Antibacterial Digit Gel Pads (6 Pack)£10.99  -  £11.99

  • Protects toes and fingers from friction
  • Special antibacterial gel kills 99.9%
  • Mineral oil hydrates and comforts
  • Keeps wounded digits hygienic

  • Hygienic antibacterial coating

  • Delivers softening mineral oil

  • Washable and reusable pads

  • For use on corns and abrasions

Silipos Digit Gel Pads (12 Pack)

Silipos Digit Gel Pads (12 Pack)£15.99  -  £17.99

  • Protects from friction and abrasion
  • Alleviates footwear pressure on toes
  • Use where corns cause discomfort
  • 12 pads per pack

  • Digital Toe Cap with in built spreader for simple but effective relief from a number of conditions
  • Lined with a medical grade mineral oil to provide moisture to the skin
  • Reduces pressure and friction around the toe and so provides relief
  • Supplied as a pair

Silipos Gel Toe Caps

Silipos Gel Toe Caps£10.99  -  £21.99

  • Fully lined with mineral oil gel
  • Protects against friction pain
  • Treats nail or skin dryness
  • Reduces discomfort caused by corns

Silipos Gel Toe Tubing

Silipos Gel Toe Tubing£10.99  -  £11.99

  • Fully lined with mineral oil gel

  • Acts as a protective layer

  • Protects toes from friction

  • Simply cut the tubing to desired size

  • Flexible, contoured fit ideal for sensitive feet and those who face difficulty when wearing orthotic devices
  • Triple-layered foam, stabilizer system and anti-friction top coat provide supreme support 
  • Easily trimmed for the perfect fit, can also be adjusted by a foot care specialist for your personal needs
  • Superfeet 60 day money back guarantee

  • Naturally moulds to your foot shape without heat
  • The non-extra-sensitive alternative to Superfeet Black DMP
  • Patented heel cup and contoured shape supports your foot
  • Anti-odour top coat keeps insoles hygienic

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Corns are areas of hardened skin that are caused by excessive friction and rubbing, which can be due to wearing incorrectly sized shoes. Corns usually develop on the tops and sides of your toes and they can cause pain when walking, which may limit your mobility. At Shoe Insoles, we have a range of Insoles for Corns that help you to deal with the effects of and avoid corns.

To ensure that our Insoles for Corns are suitable for the purpose that you are using them for, we have been very careful in our selection. Our orthotic experts have been in close communication with the manufacturers of our insoles to find out specifically which conditions the inserts are designed for.

At Shoe Insoles, our mission is to provide you with exactly the product that you need, meaning that your issues are dealt with. To ensure that your insoles suit your feet, most of our range is available in multiple sizes that are suitable for both men and women. Having an insole that is the correct size is essential for ensuring that you are getting the optimal level of support from your insert and that it is working to its optimal level.

For more information about any of our Insoles for Corns, please contact our customer care team on 020 7501 1102 or via the "Contact Us" page.

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