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Court Shoe Insoles

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  • Made from high quality polypropylene
  • Provide excellent biomechanical control
  • Includes free full length EVA top-cover
  • Great for knee pain and back pain

  • Breathable leather top for greater freshness
  • Memory foam layer for superior cushioning
  • Noticeable comfort – ideal for day-to-day use
  • Stylish nude colour suits most shoes

Insolia High Heel Shoe Inserts

Insolia High Heel Shoe Inserts£4.99  -  £12.99

  • Relieves the pain of wearing high heels
  • Allows heels to be worn for three times longer
  • Decreases pressure on ball of foot by spreading stress
  • Reduces leg and lower back fatigue as well as foot pain

Pedag Girl Slip Protectors

Pedag Girl Slip Protectors£5.99  (1)

  • For extra grip in high heels
  • Prevents slipping
  • Cushions the forefoot
  • Crafted from genuine leather

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream

Sidas Anti-Friction Cream£4.99  -  £15.99

  • Protects skin from rubbing to protect against blisters
  • Moisturises for greater skin elasticity
  • Made using natural ingredients for healthier use
  • Available in 75ml or 15ml tubes – great for portable use

  • Comfortable, shock-absorbing full length silicone insoles
  • Helps with pressure redistribution of the forefoot and heel
  • Slight arch support is ideal for plantar fasciitis sufferers
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of the wearer's foot

  • Breathable leather top provides improved freshness
  • Memory foam layer for superior cushioning
  • Noticeable comfort – ideal for day-to-day use
  • Built-in arch support for increasted comfort

  • Protects against blisters and rubbing
  • All-day protection without reapplication
  • Easy and quick to apply anywhere
  • Works in wet conditions

  • Medium density 6 Degree orthotic
  • Lateral cutaway increasing ease of fit
  • Ideal for men's moccasins, loafers and ladies low heeled court shoes
  • Features "FootFresh" anti-bacterial deodoriser for better hygiene

  • Comfortable, shock-absorbing 3/4 length silicone insoles
  • Helps with Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and heel pain
  • Helps with plantar fasciitis and flat feet/fallen arches
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of the wearer's foot

  • Heat mouldable insoles for multiple sports
  • Protects feet against rigours of ball and court sports
  • Anti-bacterial to help keep feet fresh
  • Helps prevent blisters and aid comfort during sport

Sole Thin Casual Insoles

Sole Thin Casual Insoles£37.99

  • Minimal insoles for tight-fitting shoes
  • Vegan-friendly constructions
  • Moisture-wicking top sheet provides better hygiene
  • Mouldable custom support for customised fit

  • Designed for runners, casual to professional
  • Open arch ribs provide flexible arch support
  • Segmented forefoot crash pad to reduce impact
  • Reduces pronation and supination

  • Fully customisable sports insoles
  • Suitable for sport and exercise use
  • Anti-microbial fibre to reduce foot odour
  • Customisable 3-Pod modulation system

  • Fully customisable sports insoles
  • Deep heel cupping for stability
  • Suitable for sport and exercise use
  • Customisable 3-Pod modulation system

  • Choice of density and cushioning
  • Customised patient fit
  • Medial arch support
  • Suitable for a range of conditions

  • Ideal for tight-fitting shoes and pumps
  • Easy to trim-to-fit, one size fits all
  • Cushioning & shock absorbing
  • All day heel protection

  • Ready for immediate use, no moulding necessary
  • Helps maintain the foot around its subtalar neutral position
  • Ideal for patients requiring mild support and functional control
  • Specifically designed to fit in ladies high heel court shoes

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