Spenco Ironman Pwr-Gel Heel Cushion
 Spenco Ironman Pwr-Gel Heel CushionSpenco Ironman Pwr-Gel Heel Cushion 

Spenco Ironman Pwr-Gel Heel Cushion

  • Gel heel cushion with lightweight construction
  • PWR-Gel Material offers impact relief to heel
  • Designed to provide comfort to the entire heel
  • Universal design suitable for most users
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Spenco Ironman Pwr-Gel Heel Cushions

Perfect for every day wear or sporting applications, the Spenco Ironman Pwr-Gel Heel Cushions offer lightweight impact relief directly to your heel. Designed for use on either foot and for any size shoes, these universal supports provide dynamic support for recovery or injury prevention.

What Are the Features of These Heel Lifts?

To offer you the best in support, relief and performance, the Spenco Ironman Pwr-Gel Heel Cushions contain the following:

  • Pwr-Gel Base – offers excellent cushioning for the heel that does not diminish over time
  • 360 Heel Cup – guarantees the whole heel receives cushioning and support upon impact, and protects the plantar fascia
  • Lightweight construction – prevents shoes from feeling overfilled or heavy during wear

Who Can Benefit from Using These Heel Inserts?

These heel inserts are perfect for users who suffer from heel pain undertaking a range of impact activities, from walking to running. They are a light weight insert which do not unnecessarily weight down or bulk out the shoe, making them perfect for those just starting to experience discomfort, or aiming to prevent injury, but who want a similar feel to their normal shoe.

Can the Pwr-Gel Heel Cups Be Used On Either Foot?

Yes! These are ambi-pedal shoe inserts, meaning they offer good support on either or both heels.

Which Parts of the Foot Do These Heel Cups Support?

Unsurprisingly, these cups offer comprehensive support and alignment to the heels, but they also work to aid several other areas of the foot. They support and cushion the area where the plantar fascia meets the heel to reduce strain along and around this bone.

How Does Pwr-Gel Work?

Spenco's Pwr-Gel material has been specially formulated to maximise cushioning for its wearer. It has less than 11% compression set, meaning it springs back up even after extended wear to allow for exceptional impact resistance that stands the test of time. At the same time it is robust and durable, and able to withstand tear or degradation mile after mile.

How Does the 360 Heel Cup Work?

The 360 Heel Cup is designed to offer support to the whole heel and beyond. It offers protection to both the medial and lateral sides to keep the heel aligned and prevent any kind of eversion or inversion, as well as cushioning the beginning of the plantar fascia to prevent the development or exacerbation of plantar fasciitis.

How Durable Are These Insoles?

By utilising some highly durable materials, the Pwr-Gel Heel Cushions are able to continue providing the same impact absorption and bounce after more intense and long lasting activity.

Which Sizes Are Available?

This is a one size fits all heel insert. It will provide appropriate care and relief to the vast majority of feet.

Which Activities Are These Heel Cups Appropriate For?

These heel cups are less explicitly designed for high impact sporting activity than the Spenco Ironman Pwr-Gel Cushioning Heel Cup, but they are nonetheless highly effective at performing under regular impact. As especially lightweight insoles, they are ideal for running or walking without weighing down or filling up your shoes unnecessarily.

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