Spenco Ironman Flexalign Low Arch Support Insoles
 Spenco Ironman Flexalign Low Arch Support InsolesSpenco Ironman Flexalign Low Arch Support Insoles 

Spenco Ironman Flexalign Low Arch Support Insoles

  • Rigid orthotic insoles with heel cup
  • Ideal for use during intensive training
  • Flexalign material converts impact into energy
  • Designed specifically for low arches
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Spenco Ironman Flexalign Low Arch Support Insoles

Designed for feet with low arches, the Spenco Ironman Flexalign Low Arch Support Insoles offer advanced impact support to your heel and foot, ideal for training and competing in the intensive Ironman triathlon. They deploy sophisticated materials and a technically informed design to help you build fitness, form and performance in safety and comfort.

What Are the Features of These Insoles?

To offer you the best in support, relief and performance, the Spenco Ironman Flexalign Low Arch Support Insoles contain the following:

  • Pwr-Gel Base – offers excellent cushioning for the heel which does not diminish over time
  • 360 Heel Cup – guarantees the whole heel receives cushioning and support upon impact, and protects the plantar fascia
  • Shallow Profile – offers bespoke support especially for feet with low arches
  • Flexalign Construction – offers simultaneous shock absorption and energy return, allowing for lightweight performance

Who Can Benefit from Using These Insoles?

These insoles are ideal for anyone experiencing impact-related discomfort in their heel or plantar fascia. They are also an excellent performance insole and ideal for those looking to build fitness, technique and results. These insoles are designed to help people reach the levels required for the Ironman triathlon, but can benefit anyone building up to a personal sporting milestone, or recovering from pain or injury in the heel of their foot.

Which Parts of the Foot Do These Insoles Support?

With bespoke low arch support, these insoles help to support the full length of your foot while paying particular attention to your heel. They support and cushion the area where the plantar fascia meets the heel to reduce strain along and around this bone. At the same time, pressure is taken off of the lateral and medial arches through the effective control of foot position and gait.

How Does Pwr-Gel Work?

Spenco's Pwr-Gel material has been specially formulated to maximise cushioning for its wearer. It has less than 11% compression set, meaning it springs back up even after extended wear to allow for exceptional impact resistance which stands the test of time. At the same time it is robust and durable, and able to withstand tear or degradation mile after mile.

How Does the 360 Heel Cup Work?

The 360 Heel Cup is designed to offer support to the whole heel and beyond. It offers protection to both the medial and lateral sides to keep the heel aligned and prevent any kind of eversion or inversion, as well as cushioning the beginning of the plantar fascia to prevent the development or exacerbation of plantar fasciitis.

What Is Flexalign?

Flexalign is a material formulated by Spenco to prioritise lightweight density, cushioning and performance. Its durable body absorbs impact and cushions your heel, while also transforming that impact into energy to maximise your performance. As an exceptionally lightweight material, it is even appropriate for being worn with sandals.

Are There Other Arch Support Heights Available?

This insole is available in three different arch heights to offer bespoke support to feet of all kinds:

How Do I Know What Size My Arches Are?

There is a simple method for measuring the size of your arches: with wet feet, simply stand on a piece of paper leaving the imprint of your feet. If the mark left has no indent or only a small indent beneath the arches then you have low arches or flat feet. Conversely, if there is very little joining the front and back of your foot, or even nothing, then you have high arches.

What arches do you have?

Which Sizes Are Available?

These insoles are available in six sizes:

Insole UK Shoe Size
Extra Small 3 – 5
Small 5 – 7
Medium 7 – 9
Large 9 – 11
Extra Large 11 – 13
XX-Large 13 – 15

Which Activities Are These Insoles Appropriate For?

As their name suggests, these Ironman insoles are designed to help you train and perform during the Ironman triathlon without injury. They are, however, an excellent choice for maintaining support and comfort in any high impact activity, including running and walking.

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