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Best Arthritis Insoles 2022

Wednesday, 27 October 2021  |  Eugene

Affecting over 8 million people in the UK alone, arthritis can wreak havoc on your feet – making them ache, swell and even develop other painful conditions. The wrong pair of insoles can make this condition worse, as the constant pounding of your feet against the pavement can send shockwaves through your ligaments, and a lack of support can put pressure on vulnerable areas.

At ShoeInsoles.co.uk, we're on a mission to help the UK's arthritic feet, and we've had our insole experts put together a list of the Best Insoles for Arthritis. Read on to learn more.

Our Best Insoles for Arthritis

Superfeet Green Performance Insoles

Superfeet Green Performance Insoles for BalanceThe best insoles for arthritis will align the feet in a proper position while providing shock absorption, making the Superfeet Green Performance Insoles the ideal option. Designed with a biomechanical shape to provide ideal support, these best-selling insoles help to reduce strain in your feet and align your walking pattern. Combining cushioning and support, these are the ideal insoles for arthritis relief.

Key Feature: Biomechanical shape provides foot alignment, arch support and cushioning

Best Arthritis Insoles for Sensitive Skin

Pedag Sensitive Arthritis Insoles

Pedag Sensitive Arthritis Insoles

As many arthritis sufferers are aware, the condition often goes hand-in-hand with sensitive skin. The Pedag Sensitive Arthritis Insoles are designed to combat both problems at once, with a super-soft surface that will cushion the feet while being kind to the skin. Supporting the arches and metatarsals to reduce strain on the joints of the feet, these insoles are a great choice for the most sensitive of arthritic feet.

Key Feature: Provide cushioning with gentle materials for sensitive skin

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Best Copper Insoles for Arthritis

Original Copper Heeler Insoles

Original Copper Heeler Insoles - As Featured On TV and In The PressCopper-infused products are becoming an increasingly popular remedy for pain related to arthritis, and the Original Copper Heeler Insoles are a perfect example. Praised by the press and our customers alike for their pain relief properties, these copper insoles are an ideal choice if nothing else seems to be working for your arthritis. If you aren't convinced, we encourage you to read our customer's feedback at the bottom of our product page.

Key Feature: Made with copper and zinc for natural pain relief

Best Socks for Arthritis

Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks (Pair)

Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks (Pair)While insoles are a great way to provide cushioning and take pressure off the bottoms of your feet, the tops of your feet may need just as much relief. The Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks (Pair) help to protect feet with arthritic nerve damage, and can reduce the shear and friction forces that make arthritis pain even worse. Infused with gels and moisture-rich mineral oil, these are an excellent addition to your arthritis insoles.

Key Feature: Cushion the feet while reducing friction and shear with gel and mineral oil

Reduce Your Foot Pain with Insoles for Arthritis

We hope this guide has made your purchasing decision easier. If you’d like to see a wider range of arthritis insoles, feel free browse our full selection of Insoles for Arthritis on our category page.

Do you have a question, or something to add? Why not let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!

Shop Our Best Insoles for Arthritis

Superfeet Green Performance Insoles

Superfeet Green Performance Insoles

  • Heel cup technology contours to the foot for total support
  • Crafted from shock absorbing foam for complete comfort
  • Ideal for any sports shoe
  • Superfeet 60 day money back guarantee
In stock now  In stock now

Original Copper Heeler Insoles

Original Copper Heeler Insoles

  • Pair of solid copper insoles for improved foot comfort
  • Trusted by thousands of people in the UK
  • A completely natural way for your body to absorb copper
  • Can help pain symptoms of arthritis and joint pain
In stock now  In stock now

Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks

Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks

  • Protection for nerve damaged feet from arthritis and diabetes
  • Reduces friction, abrasion and shear forces - preventing calluses
  • Serves as a soft tissue supplement
  • Gel cushioning provides pressure relief
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