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How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

1 Comment29 January 2021

If you can catch a whiff of your feet even without bending over, you know everyone else can as well. Though usually not a sign of a serious problem, foot odour can be embarrassing for you and disturbing for everyone around you. So we're here to help you figure out what's causing your problem and how you can stop smelly feet.

Smelly Feet

What Causes Smelly Feet?

It shouldn't come as a big surprise that the main reason for foot odour is usually poor personal hygiene, but since you're here looking for answers, you're probably already aware of that and want to find a more satisfying answer to your problem.  We've come up with a list of reasons for smelly feet that might surprise you.

  • Wearing the same shoes every day can lead to foot odour. Just as you would change your socks every day, you need to give your shoes a rest to dry thoroughly and minimise the opportunity for bacteria to grow.
  • Not letting your shoes to dry creates the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, which inevitably leads to foot odour. Always make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear when it's wet outside, and if your shoes do get wet, be careful to dry them completely before you wear them again.
  • An infection, most commonly athlete's foot, can cause a particularly unpleasant, yeasty foot odour. Hygiene is the most important factor in preventing an infection, so avoid walking barefoot in public showers or changing rooms, wear clean socks every day, choose socks make from natural, breathable materials and always dry your feet completely.

Easy Steps to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

Regardless of how it may feel at the moment, stinky feet always come with an explanation, and finding the right solution is usually much easier than it seems. Proper foot care and footwear can go a long way, and there is a range of remedies available if you feel you need additional help. We've come up with these easy steps that can help you get rid of foot odour.

Take Proper Care of Your Feet

Unlike sweat glands elsewhere on the body, those in the feet secrete all the time, which leads to massive amounts of sweat released and, most likely, confined to your shoes. What actually causes the distinct odour, though, is that the bacteria that live on the skin eat the feet's sweat and produce isovaleric acid, which is what you ultimately smell.

To put it bluntly, you can only get rid of both the sweat and bacteria by thoroughly scrubbing and drying your feet every day. What can be especially helpful in reducing the smell is exfoliating the skin with an exfoliating scrub, foot file or a pumice stone, which will also help you get rid of the dead skin.

Exfoliating Foot Scrub

Keep Your Feet Dry

The odour-causing bacteria thrive in moist areas, which is why it is important to always keep your feet dry. First of all, make sure to always dry your feet thoroughly, even between your toes, after you take a bath or shower.

Second of all, wear socks and shoes made of breathable fabrics. If possible, spend some time completely barefoot to give your feet a proper rest and allow them to air out.

Try Specialised Anti-Odour Shoe Insoles

If you want to take things a step further, you should try wearing a specialised shoe insole designed to help you fight foot odour and let your feet breathe. Odour control insoles are made from moisture-absorbent materials that keep your feet cool and dry, preventing the growth of bacteria and minimising unpleasant odour.

Woly Odour Stop Insole

Here at ShoeInsoles.co.uk we stock a broad range of insoles for various conditions. Our top recommendation is the Zederna Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty Feet, as they are made with natural cedar wood to provide excellent odour-absorption and sweat-reduction.

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