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Best Insoles for Heel Spurs in 2019

Monday, 7 January 2019  |  Admin

Heel spurs are one of the main culprits for painful heels. If you're experiencing stabbing pain when you get up in the morning, or inflammation and swelling at the front of your heel, chances are you're suffering from a heel spur.

So what exactly are heel spurs, what causes them, and what can you do about them? Read on to learn the answers to all those questions, and find the perfect insole for your heel pain.

Heel Spurs

What Are Heel Spurs?

A heel spur is a calcium deposit causing a bony protrusion on the underside of the heel bone, often resulting in pain, inflammation and swelling at the front of your heel. About 50 percent of people suffering from heel spurs, however, experience no symptoms at all, which can make a heel spur difficult to diagnose. If you're not entirely sure whether or not the pain in your heel is caused by a heel spur, we suggest reading this short article that covers all the Symptoms of Heel Spurs in greater detail.

Another tricky thing about heel spurs is that they don't appear suddenly, like a sprain or a strain, and require a bit more attention when it comes to getting rid of them as well. They are usually caused by a combination of numerous factors, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Bruising of the heel
  • Excess body weight
  • Other foot conditions
  • Poorly fitting shoes
  • Walking gait issues
  • Worn-out shoes

Moreover, half of all cases of heel spurs occur in people who are already suffering from plantar fasciitis. In which case, it's important to tackle this issue first, which can easily be done with the help from one of our many shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis.

Heel Spurs

How Can Insoles Help with Heel Spurs?

It's important to be aware that heel spurs don't go away by themselves, so it's crucial that you act as soon as you notice the initial symptoms. Luckily, in most cases, heel pain associated with spurs can be relieved with conservative treatments, such as:

Because heel spurs are most often caused by poor arch support, either by ill-fitting shoes, walking gait issues, or another foot condition, the right pair of shoe insoles can provide the support your feet need, relieving heel pain and eventually reversing heel spurs. To help you find the right insole to fit your lifestyle and health requirements, we've put together a list of suggestions for some of the Best Insoles for Heel Spurs.

Superfeet Green Performance Insoles

Superfeet Green Performance InsolesOften described as the world's favourite insole, Superfeet Green Performance Insoles are the perfect choice if you're looking for support that would not only help with heel spurs, but also align your body, ensuring your leg and feet joints can function free from strains and aches. You can continue to wear these insoles even after your issues with spurs have resolved, making sure it never happens again.

Key Features: Contour to the foot for total support; deep heel cup helps with natural shock absorption; organic, odour-control coating

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Full Strike Insoles

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Full Strike InsolesLong-term strenuous sports activity is one of the main causes of heel spurs, so if you think your condition might be a result of impact shock, it's important to get insoles designed specifically for high impact activities. The Sorbothane Shock Stopper Full Strike Insoles are ideal for activities where the whole foot is subject to impact, such as netball, basketball, football, running, tennis and more. They are slim, flat and flexible, which makes them suitable for all footwear, including close-fitting shoes.

Key Features: Provide extra protection from impact shock; antibacterial top sheet and moisture-wicking technology

Pro11 Orthotic Insoles with Metatarsal Pad and Arch Support

Pro11 Orthotic Insoles with Metatarsal Pad and Arch SupportIf your heel spurs are a result of plantar fasciitis, these Pro11 Orthotic Insoles with Metatarsal Pad and Arch Support are the ideal solution. They have been designed by podiatrists to support the arch and realign the foot to its correct position, helping to treat plantar fasciitis, flat feet, painful arches, shin splints, and heel spurs. By realigning the bones of the feet and ankles, these orthotic insoles can even relieve ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain caused by incorrect foot posture.

Key Features: Ideal for daily use; can help with a range of conditions and relieve knee, hip and lower back pain

Spenco Ironman Total Support Thin Insoles

Spenco Ironman Total Support Thin InsolesThe Spenco Ironman Total Support Thin Insoles stand out from the crowd thanks to their thin and ultra-light design, which makes them perfect for low-volume or minimal running shoes and football boots, as well as walking and everyday activities. Another feature which makes these insoles ideal for sport and active use is the antimicrobial, low-friction top cloth which helps to control odour as well as prevent blistering.

Key Features: Ultra thin design; ideal for sports, especially running; odour-control top cloth

Spenco Ironman Performance Gel Heel Cups

Spenco Ironman Performance Gel Heel CupsThough technically not an insole, the Spenco Ironman Performance Gel Heel Cups are perfect for cushioning heels, and thus relieving the symptoms of heel spurs. The anatomical cushioning system is made with dual density gel, which absorbs shock on the heel where maximum pressure is placed. The TPR gel thermoplastic rubber responds with every step with 44% energy return, while the heel cupping system provides extra cushioning and stability for the heel.

Key Features: Anatomical cushioning system; fit into most shoes without having to remove the original insole

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