Flat Feet

Tuesday, 18 August 2015  |  Admin
Best Insoles For Flat Feet

We at Shoe Insoles know most conditions come and go but Flat Feet are forever, so itís a good thing we know precisely how to make your life-long relationship with your feet be a sweet one. If your arches just donít hold up when it comes to following a Ďnormalí shape, donít worry, weíve got a range of great insoles and inserts to keep your shoes comfy and feet happy. With approximately 1 in 5 of all adults thought to be living with flatfeet, also known as fallen arches, Pes Planus and Pes Planovalgus, thereís no reason anything about your lifestyle Ė or even sense of style Ė has to change.

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Find Your Foot Condition

If your feet are bothering you but you don't know why, our graphic is the ideal solution. Simply click on the area that is giving you trouble and see our detailed guides on how to combat the conditions.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015  |  John
Know Your Arches

Your arches are one of the most important parts of your feet. Itís the space on the inner part of your foot. They make it possible for your feet to maintain your body weight. They also reduce the amount of damage everyday activities do to your feet and shift the energy your feet absorb while walking into your next step. Because they are such an important part of how your body works, itís important that you get to know them as well as possible.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015  |  John
What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet (also known as fallen arches) are when the arches of the foot touch the ground when you stand up. This can be because of a lower arch than normal or no arch at all. This condition is very common, and most people with flat feet have no problem. However, the condition can cause extra strain on the tissue of the foot and surrounding areas.

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